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Satellite cable or PC. Sure, but the limits are that the equipment is different there and the actual channels are also different. So you cant take a DirectTV receiver over there and expect to see anything. Now if you want to find , say, discovery channel on dishnetwork? Probably not going to find it. They might get discovery channel but you wont find dish network since its satellites point toward the united states. You might find the discovery channel on one of their satellites tho. The web is the web here or there. If you are on the web you can go anywhere.

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Q: Can you receive any American TV stations through satellite cable or a PC in the UK?
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Will satellite tv be effected by everything going digital on Feb. 17, 2009?

DTV transition will not affect satellite TV subscribers who receive their local TV stations through their satellite dishes. Satellite TV service is a digital service and all satellite subscribers must have a set-top box connected to their TVs to receive the satellite-delivered programming. you should check with your provider to find out if you receive a local TV station package through your satellite dish just to make sure. Your satellite TV system may be using digital technology as a more efficient way of delivering analog programming to you but if you have an analog television set, then you are probably not getting digital. Bottom line� your satellite tv service might be fine but your tv will not be.

How many different stations does the XM satellite radio service offer?

Satellite Radio in an analogue or digital radio signal that is relayed through one or more satellites and thus can be received in a much wider geographical area than terrestrial FM radio Stations.

How does satellite TV differ from cable TV?

The difference is that a satellite television requires a satellite signal to pick up the data whereas a cable television can receive it through cables such as fibre optics.

Can snails receive satellite images through their antennae?

No they cannot. Snails use their antennas to see and smell.

What are three ways televisions can receive electronc signals?

Off air through your own antenna, cable and satellite.

How does most of Saskatchewan receive electricity?

Saskatchewan receive electricity through the North American grid.

Can a business receive mail if they aren't stations there?

They walk in many businesses and give to secretary or push through a hole in the door.

What locations in the UK are able to get Freesat?

Because Freesat is done through satellite, any location in the UK should be able to receive it. All that is required is a satellite dish and an HD digital box.

Are any local AM/FM radio stations available while using XM radio?

Although no local stations are broadcast through the Sirius network, it will not interfere with your use of other radios. In fact, most in-dash units are multi-band to allow tuning for AM, FM, and satellite.

Can you receive Cable or satellite TV through a PC via the Internet?

movies or tv shows that you receive on the internet are all pre-recorded ones. however, there are trusted satellite tv for PC softwares available in the market but you are required to have more than 1 mbps high speed internet connection speed to enjoy it.

How do you get discovered to be a famous pop star?

Email industry at radio stations, American Idol, Sony Music links - may be hard to get through, but nenvertheless TRY! Also try at local radio stations!

How are satellite pictures of earth and of other planets made and transmitted?

Satellite pictures are taken through the satellite and sent to Earth via satellite waves.

How tv satellites work?

1 - satellite tv are all in geosynchronous orbit. they stay in one place in the sky relative to the earth. 2 - a satellite dish and a receiving equipment gave viewers the tools to pick up foreign stations and live feeds between different broadcast stations. 3 - satellite tv customers get their programming through direct broadcast satellite provider -- Dish Network or Direct TV 4 - programmings are broadcasted using the Ku frequency range (11.7 GHz to 14.5 GHz)

Can electromagnetic waves travel through empty space?

Yes. That's how you feel heat from the sun, see light from stars, and receive TV from the satellite.

What services are available through sky digibox?

The Sky Digibox is a British device that allows consumers to receive satellite television and internet service. They do not ship to the United States.

Are the requirements to be allowed to set up satellite dish equipment in Toronto, Ontario?

There are no requirements to set up a satellite dish if you are just looking to receive a signal. There are signal transmitting requirements if you wish to project a signal that goes through licensing, content, and national standards.

How does the Australian Bureau of Meteorology collect up-to-the minute information on the weather in order to produce reliable forecasts?

There are four levels in the process. Firstly, the information is collected from various channels such as satellite, drifting buoys and radar station. Then, the data that is collected from those sources will be analyzed and forecast. There are three different ways to present those data. Satellite photos are created by satellite station. Also, radar screens and synoptic charts are created by radar stations and drifting buoys respectively. Drift buoys can receive info from both satellites and radar stations, while information collected by radar stations can come through satellite only. Next, those collected information will be processed and prepared by computers before it is broadcast. Television, radio and recorded announcements are usually used to broadcast the weather. Weather forecasts are important in many fields such as aviation and sailing. Thus, producing reliable weather forecasts is of great importance.

Satellite communication works through?

If you're looking for a general overview of satellite communications and how it works, visit

What is the best way to get tv, phone, & cable OR satellite Thank you!?

The best way to tv, phone and cable would be by contacting time warner cable and purchasing these services through them, and the best way to get satellite would be through a satellite company.

You want to see Delhi through satellite?

Try Google Earth or the satellite mode in either of the sites below:

Which type of electromagnet radiation is used in satellite communication networks?

Microwaves. These poke through the ionosphere to reach the satellite

How does IMD predict weather?

through satellite technology

Is there such a thing as satellite installation training?

Yes, everyone who installs satellite must go through training (if they work through a company). Some companies that offer this are or

Is a space station a space probe or space satellite?

Satellite- A probe implies probing or traveling through space and not fixed.

How can one watch satellite TV on a PC?

There are many ways that one could watch satellite television through one's television. The best way of watching satellite TV through one's PC would be installing a software and hooking the output to the computer.