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You present a good question. If you have a policy in place you need to check with your agent and your insurer to confirm in writing if the policy covers the Parkinson's.

When you get your quotes request a reply from the insurer regarding coverage for Parkinson's. Sometimes pre-existing conditions may not be covered for long term disability. It's best to get it in writing from the insurer prior to selecting your policy.

It would really depend on the mental health nervous disorder wording in your contract and if Parkinson falls under this classification of disability??. Most companies only pay a 2-5 year benefit for these types of disorders with one paying for the entire benefit. It is doubtful a company would write a policy if this was a preexisting condition so I am assuming the contract was written before the onset of this disease.

For information, resources and related links go The National Council On Disability (NCD)

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Q: Can you receive disability for Parkinson's Disease?
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