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You present a good question. If you have a policy in place you need to check with your agent and your insurer to confirm in writing if the policy covers the Parkinson's.

When you get your quotes request a reply from the insurer regarding coverage for Parkinson's. Sometimes pre-existing conditions may not be covered for long term disability. It's best to get it in writing from the insurer prior to selecting your policy.

It would really depend on the mental health nervous disorder wording in your contract and if Parkinson falls under this classification of disability??. Most companies only pay a 2-5 year benefit for these types of disorders with one paying for the entire benefit. It is doubtful a company would write a policy if this was a preexisting condition so I am assuming the contract was written before the onset of this disease.

For information, resources and related links go The National Council On Disability (NCD)

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What diseases did Muhammad Ali have?

hernia && parkinsons disease hernia && parkinsons disease A hernia is not a disease

How young can you get parkinson's disease?

hi you can get parkinsons at any age. childhood parkinsons and the adult type.

What disease causes foot shuffling?

It is a recognised symptom of Parkinsons Disease.

What medical disease does chris theodorakis have?

chris theodorakis has parkinsons disease

Why can't parkinsons disease be prevented?

The cause of Parkinson's disease is unknown

Can you receive disability from having osteoarthritis?

OSteo arthritis can be a genuinely debilatating disease. the disability benefits that you can gain as a result of this would depend on where you live.

Who is at risk to develop Parkinsons disease?

the elderly are usually the ones who develop parkinsons disease and in very rare case some adults have developed minor cases

What are the primary symptoms of parkinson disease?

The symptoms of Parkinsons disease can vary from one person to another. Some signs of parkinsons disease are tremors, slowed motion, shakiness, speech changes and dementia.

What is an example of a human genetic disease?

Parkinsons Disease or Sickle Cell Anemia.

When did Muhammad Ali get parkinsons disease?

He got diagnosed with Parkinson's disease in 1984.

Why did Muhammad ali retire?

Parkinsons disease and he lost

Are their facts about parkinsons disease?

people are much less likely to get parkinsons disease if they smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol, have high cholesterol, and drink too much coffee.

How many people are affected by parkinsons disease?

how many people are affected by parkinson's disease?

Which of these is the best description of Parkinsons disease?

a neurological disease that causes tremor and /or stiffnes in movement

Parkinsons disease is characterized by?

muscle tremors, shuffling gait

Did Patrick swazye have parkinsons disease?

no, he died of pancreatic cancer

When Muhammad Ali got parkinsons disease?

He has parkinsons "syndrome" not the actual disease. This is most likely the result of years of boxing guys like Joe Frazier, George Foreman and Leon Spinks.

Can you receive disability if you are an addict receiving treatment?

i heard that you can receive disability if you are an addict. Is this true and how?

Is parkinsons disease classed as critical?

No you can not class it as a critical illness , but it will not be cured.

What is the disease called where you cant stop shaking?

parkinsons Familial Tremors is another such disease, not as bad as Parkinson's . . .

What body part does Parkinson's disease effect?

Parkinsons disease can make you have babies when you have nappies on your head in the sky when its raining

Does parkinsons disease affect visa application for Canada?

As it is not a transmitted disease , it should not affect a persons visa for Canada.

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