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Yes, at least in Oregon and New Jersey. Go to the unemployment office and ask about it.

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Q: Can you receive unemployment benefits based on employment in another state?
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Are unemployment benefits added to Social Security benefits when you retire?

No. You cannot receive unemployment benefits and retire also. To receive them you must be actively seeking full time employment

How many weeks of employment do you need to receive unemployment benefits in New York?

What are the maximum hours or days of employment before an employee receive unemployment benefits?

you need to have earnd 7500 to get unemployment benefits? or 52 weeks

How many weeks of employment do you need to receive unemployment benefits in Illinois?

four weeks

Can you receive unemployment from one employer if your disqualified from another?

Each employer you list in your claim for unemployment benefits is contacted by the employment security office in investigating you claim. The state then determines your eligibility. Each employment is evaluated in it's own case.

Can you be a cab driver and receive unemployment benefits?

can i get any employment money if my car has been fire and very bad to use

Can you transfer unemployment benefits to another state?

You can continue to receive unemployment benefits upon moving to another state, providing you notified the state's employment security office of the state you moved from (called the 'liable state') and continued to comply with its requirements regarding the move. However, the state you move to has no obligation to pay you from its funds.

Can you collect unemployment benefits in North Carolina and receive a pension payment?

Yes, but you must report the pension to the employment security office.

What if you find a job before your unemployment benefits run out?

You notify the unemployment commission, stop collecting benefits (unemployment is not an entitlement, it is something you receive as a benefit to help you get through a period when you are unemployed by no fault of your own), and move happily into your new position of employment.

If you receiving social security and are fired can you receive unemployment benefits?

If you are already receiving social security and are fired can you receive unemployment benefits?

Can you quit your job for sexual harassment and get unemployment?

Yes, if you are sexually harassed at work, it is one of the main reasons state employment offices will consider you qualified to receive unemployment benefits.

If you are on unemployment in Arizona and you are moving to New Jersey will you still get unemployment there?

According to the Related Link below, if you move to a state with Employment Benefits, you are eligible for up to 20 weeks of benefits. I the state does not have those benefits, then you may receive up to 2 weeks.

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