Can you receive unemployment if you are fired for insubordination in Arkansas?

In Arkansas, benefits can only be paid to you if you meet all state legal requirements, and you are not under a disqualification. The most common circumstances that can lead to a disqualification are:
  • Quitting your job without good cause in connection with the work.
  • Being fired or discharged for misconduct.
  • Refusing to apply for or accept suitable work, or refusing recall after being laid off.

The circumstances of your separation from your last permanent job will be investigated by an DWS claims adjudicator. Both you and your employer will be asked to provide a statement regarding the facts. A Notice of Agency Determination will be issued advising you and your employer of the decision. If you are disqualified, the agency determination will explain the penalty imposed. Each section of law, such as quit or discharge, has its own penalty period.