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None of the books are as clear as they should be; I like the Chilton series, available new or used from Amazon.com. The Haynes is ok, but most of their photos are grainy.

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How do you repair the coolig fan on a Saturn?

Don't try to repair. Replace...This item is critical to engine life. At least get used from salvageyard.

Which grade of bolts should be used when mounting an engine to a repair stand?

I would recommend at least Grade 8, just to make sure.

Does Saturn has any monns?

Saturn has at least 33 moons.

How fare is Saturn from earth?

Saturn is a least 750,000 miles from Earth

What planet do we know least about?

The planet we know least about is Saturn.

Would you weigh the least on Jupiter Pluto Saturn or earth?

Which planet would I weigh the least Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn, or Earth

How many planets are around Saturn?

Saturn has at least 61 moons orbiting it(but no planets)

Is Saturn a star or moon?

Saturn is a planet that orbits the Sun. Saturn has at least 60 moons, in addition to its beautiful and spectacular rings.

Whith planet has at least 18 moons?

Saturn has at least 18 moons

What are some Unusual features of saturn?

Saturn is the least dense of all the planets and could float in water. Saturn has an extensive ring system.

The least dense of all planets?

Saturn is the least dense planet in our solar system.

Does Saturn have its own moon?

No, it has at least 60 moons.

What is the denssest planet?

Earth. Saturn is the least dense.

What planets have moons?

Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. Earth - 1 Mars - 2 Jupiter - at least 67 Saturn - at least 62 Uranus - at least 27 Neptune - at least 13 (also, the dwarf planet Pluto has at least 5)

What planet has at least 34 moons and one is titan?

Titan is a moon of Saturn. Saturn has over 61 moons.

What planet is not small and rocky?

The least small and least rocky planet is probably Saturn. Saturn - as a whole planet - has a density less than water, meaning that if you could find a lake big enough to put it in, Saturn would float!

What is the results for Saturn rings?

I'm thinking it is rocks and particles spinning in the atmosphere of saturn and they become part of the Planet. Saturn has at least 7-8 rings

Can you recommend a Lexus repair shop in dallas?

JP Importz located in Garland is by far one of the least expensive and best Lexus Toyota repair facilities in town. Go to superpages.com and check out the reviews... they have an excellent reputation. Web address is www.jpimportz.org Good luck! Mike

What planet has most satellites?

Saturn, it has at least 18 moons.

What is the unique characteristic of Saturn?

it is the least dense of all the planets

Is Saturn mostly made of gas or rocks?

Saturn is the second (and least dense) of the four gas giants. Saturn is actually slightly less dense than water.

How many satellites does the planet Saturn have?

Saturn has at least 53 named moons. If you include its rings it has many, many thousands.

What number moon in Saturn?

there are about 31 moons in Saturn. though Jupiter has got the most number of moons; at least 63.

Is Earth the least dense of all planets?

No. In fact it is the most dense planet. The least dense is Saturn.

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