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Yes, you can but there are questions:Do you have to give the ex wife proceeds from the sale?? If yes, deduct the lien amount from her proceeds.

If not, depending on the amount of the lien, is whether you can file yourself (depends on the state you arein) or you need the help of an attorney.

You might also want to file that same judgment in the state or county where she lives if it is not the samecounty as where you are filing.

AnswerYou can't put a lien on your ex-wife, only an asset. You can sue her, however.

Liens are obtained by means of a lawsuit judgment.

If the ex-wife relinquished the property in the terms of the dissolution petition she is no longer liable for encumberances(liens) or other legal action against said property in which case a suit is not posssible.

This applies whether the lien(s) have been perfected or not.

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Q: Can you recover the cost of paying a property lien from your ex spouse?
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