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If the attorney did not appear at the hearing and thereby caused the client financial loss then the client can sue for damages. In regards to recovering the retainer it would be voluntarily on the attorney's part of whether a full refund or a portion thereof is warranted and would be based on the amount of time that was spent on the case.

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If you pay a retainer and the fire your lawyer what amount of refund can you expect to recover?

None. If the client breaks the contract the attorney has no legal obligation to return any of the retainer fee. If the client believes the attorney was not representing their best interest in the case, he or she has the option of filing a malpractice suit and a complaint with the state bar association and the ABA.

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If you were awarded your vehicle in a divorce and your spouse will not return it can you report it stolen?

No you wil have to ge a court order to recover it.

Can you dismiss your attorney and recover the retainer if you don't feel he's right for you?

Yes, a client may dismiss his or her legal counsel at anytime they so choose. The recovery of retainer fees would depend upon the agreement made at the time the client accepted the attorney's offer of representation.

If a man bought a car a year before he was married can it be taken if he gets a divorce?

No. What a person comes into the divorce with is his/hers. Unless, you invested in the car or made payments. With that you might be able to recover some of the cost.

If your exhusband has taken on community debt in your divorce he goes bankrupt what can you do to protect yourself or your new husband if you are remarried?

Your divorce agreement or decree is valid only between you and your husband. The creditor still can look to you to recover the amount if you are otherwise liable for it. Your new husband may be able to protect himself if he keeps his sole management community property separate from you. To protect yourself, you need to have your assets only in exempt property, which varies from state to state. Bank accounts typically are not exempt.

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If you bought the house before the marriage it would still be considered your separate property, however, she could probably recover her contribution to the equity.

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How can you collect money that was ordered to be paid in the divorce decree from the ex spouse who has moved out of state?

The final divorce decree cannot be used as a legal instrument to recover monies owed. The involved party will have to file suit against the debtor spouse in the appropriate state court. Such a suit may have to be filed in the state in which the ex spouse now resides depending upon the laws of the state where the divorce was granted.

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