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Flex your butt and grab it to see how much of it is muscle and how much is fat.

People store bodyfat in different places so you can be "normal sized" and still carry excess fat on your butt.

If this is the case then the best way to get rid of it is through moderate intensity, medium to long duration aerobic exercise like running, cycling, rowing, aerobic clasess etc combined with a healthy diet that ensures you are not consuming more energy than you are expending.

If it's all muscle then the above will probably help as well unless you do a lot of heavy lifting type work or it's genetic.

Remember there is no exercise that will strip fat from any specific area - the whole body functions as one system.

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Does upper body exercises reduce risk of Alzheimer's?

Upper body exercises don't reduce risk of Alzheimer's.

What are the best exercises to treat a knee injury?

There are many exercises a person with a knee injury can do. Doing aerobic or endurance exercises can help. There have been studies that show that aerobic exercises help reduce inflammation, so those should help you.

What are some good exercises to reduce cellulite?

There are many exercises that will reduce cellulite. Such exercises are walking, swimming, rowing, stepper, hockey, treadmill, bicycle riding, and so much more.

Are there any Exercises to reduce facial fat?

There are no exercises specific to reduce facial fat.Running and swimming is the best option to reduce your overall body fat that also includes your facial fat.

Does this exercises reduce face size?


What are the risk with agility exercises?

There are no risks, or very minimal risks with agility exercises. In fact, agility exercises reduce the risk of injury while playing strenuous sports.

What are some exercises to reduce the size of a big butt?

Exercise alone will not reduce the backside, but losing weight in addition to exercise will help. Some exercises to help are step ups, lunges and squats.

Is it scientifically proven that exercises effectively help to reduce weight?


What exercises can I do to reduce my knee pain?

To find the answer to where to find some exercises I would go to youtube they would have videos on exercises. Or you can go to active it has some exercises to do for the knee. Make sure you do not over due when you first start out.

How do you reduce male belly?

Cardio, stomach exercises, but dieting is the most important.

How can you reduce the amount of fat you eat?

We can reduce the amount of fat by following healthy diet tips and by doing exercises. Cardio is good choice to reduce our excess fat.

What is the best exercise to help you lose your stomach fat?

Exercises that help strengthen your core will help you look sleeker and reduce abdominal pudge. Pliates exercises and pole dancing exercises are both great for that.

What are some popular leg exercises?

Some popular leg exercises are squats, lunges, calf raises, leg extensions. All of the exercises listed can be done with out without weights. Also stretching is essential to all exercises to reduce the risk of injury.

Can I reduce the size of my varicose veins?

There are compression stockings that are made especially for these kinds of problems. Exercises will generally not reduce the actual vein, however.

Importance of cooldown exercises?

They help reduce the risk of injury during physical activity.

What exercises help with back pain?

There are many exercises that people can do to help with back pain and the problems associated with it. Simple stretching exercises each morning will help reduce pain and exercises to strengthen the legs and abdomen will help take pressure off the back.

What exercises reduce neck pain?

There are different exercises to help alleviate neck pain. The most common exercises to address neck pain symptoms are neck stretches, such as the corner stretch, and neck strengthening, such as the chin tuck.

How should all exercises begin and end?

Routines should begin with warm-ups to reduce the chances of injuries and end with cool-down exercises to speed recovery.

How do you reduce hand weight for women?

10 minutes specific exercises 3 times a week.

Can you lose 1 stone in a month if you weigh 14 stone?

Yes, a person can lose one stone in a month if he weighs 14 stones. To lose the one stone in one month, the person needs to diet, engage in physical exercises and reduce stress.

How can you reduce the size of your bottom?

You can't spot reduce. If you eat less and exercise more and take general steps to lose weight your bottom will get smaller along with everything else.

How can you lose fat around the base of your penis?

Exercise to reduce the fat all over your body as there are no exercises that can reduce fat in one area. The other option is lyposuction.

What type of exercise for belly fat can you do at home?

If you want to reduce belly fat, aerobic exercises, swimming, circuit training exercises, Pilates, and abdominal-targeted routines are most effective.

What are some spot-exercises to help men with losing stomach fat?

According to Consumer Reports spot exercises is not an effective way to lose any kind of weight. They recommend a person develop an overall plan that will help with all parts of the body. However if a person do lots of crunches, sit ups and greatly reduce carbs and sodas they may acheive some success in this area.

What are exercises for a stroke patient?

Following a stroke, exercises are rehabilitative and aims to increase range of motion to reduce risk of fall injuries. There are several categories of exercise :Stretching, resistance training, weight bearing exercise, and active and passive range of motion exercises.