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Can you register a car by mail?


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You have several issues here. If you plan to drive the car in California it must be registered there, but your Military stautus exempts you from certain fees. If you plan to drive the car straight to Florida you may obtain a "One way Trip" permit from the DMV. On arrival in Florida you must register the vehicle there. DMV forms may be downloaded off the DMV website. You may be required to also submit copies of "Proof of Insurance" and Current Smog Certificates,Some States require a Weight Certificate (except Deisel motors) If you bought the car from a Dealer they can handle all these requirements. If you bought from a private Party you may be required to go to the DMV to obtain and pay for the oneway trip permit ($15). Another avenue is CSAA as they offer their Members DMV Registation services, but you may be required to go to there inpection station. Good luck


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You just go to your local BMV and register it. They are not illegal. Lots of rural mail carriers own them. Register it like any other vehicle.

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You can, should, and are legally required to register a financed car.

No, you can not register a car in a state that you do not reside in. It is illegal to do so, you must register your car where you live.

If the car is registered in the husbands name only, she cannot register the car. The person who owns the car has to register the car, as the Title office needs a picture ID.

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No, you can not register a car in NJ if you live in PA. In order to register a car, you must present a driver's license that is current and belongs to the state in which you are registering the car.

No, a minor cannot register a car. A minor cannot register a car because it is one of the privileges that a minor does not enjoy. When registering a car the personal official documentation is usually required.

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you can register online or by phone or by mail. The detailed information about registering for the GRE can be found at

whereever you have it registered is where you pay the tax. You should get a bill in the mail every year. Jeremy

It is not necessary to have a driver's license in order to register and get tags for a car.

As of September 2013, you can register a car without a drivers license in the United States.

I know you can put the car your insurance but to register a different story

The same day you go to the department of motor vehicles and register your vehicle in 2010. Usually after 10-14 days by mail. They will mail your plates when asked. Or they will give you the plates there.

No, you must have a valid drivers license to register your car.

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You don't. Let your friend register his own vehicle.

by giving your Proof of Residence address and register it.

You can register it but someone else has to drive it.

Yes, you do need a FL license to register your car in Florida. You can get your drivers license changed from RI to FL and register your car at the local DMV office.

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