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No, you cannot register a car you do not own. In order to register a car, you have to have the title.

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Q: Can you register a car you don't own?
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How to register a car for a friend?

You don't. Let your friend register his own vehicle.

Can a Canadian citizen own and register a car in the US?


Do i need car insurance if i dont own a car?


How do you register a 1933 Pontiac if it does not have a vin on it?

No car from the era had a vin#. Prove you own the car and it can then be registered.

Can you register a car if there is a different name on the title?

Well if the car's title is in a company name and you own the company you can.

Can you register your car in New Hampshire if you own a house there and are a resident of Massachusetts?

yes you can

How do you get car insurance if you dont own a car?

You can get a car insurance unless you will buy a car.

Can learner drivers register car?

In the UK you do not need to have a driving licence or to have passed a driving test to own and register a car in your name, however if you want to use the car on public roads that is a different matter.

How register your own salvaged car?

All vehicles, Salvaged or not, can be registered at your local DMV

What is legal age to own a car in Kentucky?

You have to be 18 in order to register a vehicle in Ky.

Is it illegal to own a car and not register it?

If you drive it on the street or park it on the street, yes. I has to be registered.

Can someone else register your car for you?

In most states someone else can register a car besides the titled owner if the proper paperwork is signed by the owner. The title will need to be filled out and signed by the person who will own the car.

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