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Can you register for a summer job?


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Summer Employment A SUMMER EXPERIENCE Are you looking for a summer experience that allows you to work along side people who manage the day-to-day business of our Nation? The Federal Government may have the right opportunity for you. Summer job opportunities are available in Federal agencies throughout the United States and cover a wide variety of positions. How to Find Summer Job Opportunities Use the Office of Personnel Management's USAJOBS. USAJOBS consists of: internet - The official World Wide Web site for jobs and employment information, may be accessed at On the web site, job seekers can access worldwide current job vacancies, employment information fact sheets, applications and forms, and in some instances, apply for jobs online. Complete job announcements can be retrieved from the web site. The USAJOBS web site also has an Online Resume Builder feature. Using the resume builder, job seekers can create online resumes specifically designed for applying for Federal jobs. Resumes created on the USAJOBS resume builder can be printed from the system for faxing or mailing to employers; and saved and edited for future use. For many of the vacancies listed on the site, job seekers can submit resumes created through USAJOBS directly to hiring agencies through an electronic submission process.


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