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Yes you can, Ask your insurance company for a Named Driver Exclusion. This will allow your child to stay on your policy(just in case) with out being charged for that child!

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Is it possible to have a registered Thoroughbred without a tattoo?

No, every thoroughbred registered gets a tattoo. If one doesnt get a tattoo it is not in the book.

Where can you get Pokemon zircon?

it doesnt exist because its not registered on any normal pokedex.

Your daughters car is titled and registered in your name though she purchased the car this was done for insurance reason she doesnt live with you anymore can she keep her car if i go bankrupt?

The car is your property until the title is transferred to your daughter and the car is registered in her name. There are serious consequences that can result from titling a car in your name when it will be driven by another person. That sets you up for liability resulting from a car accident. You should clear up that fraudulant situation ASAP.

Can your insurance co add a drive to your insurance if they already have insurance with a other co?

yes and no... depends if your going to be cancelled becasue you had a license suspension, and need another driver on the policy... but normally no.. why would u? to pay twice? and if you did... each insurance company would fight over who doesnt have to pay for a claim lol... good luck

Why doesnt your insurance cover the removal of raccoons?

Insects, pests, vermin, rodents, etc are basic exclusions of an insurance policy.

Your aunt gave you a car as a gift but doesnt have the title can you still get it registered?

No, unfortunately you can not get the car registered without the title. The title must be signed over to you and you must take it to the DMV with you.

Who is registered agent for US Bank NA?

NA-national assosiation unlike Corp or Llp doesnt have to be registered with Secretary of State and doesnt have to have a registered agent.At least in Illinois...Check with your state laws by contacting Secretary of State office and Office of banks and real estate, but if you are looking for the registered agent for the purpose of serving summons you can serve US Bank at any branch by leaving summons with the officer of bank.

Is it a good idea to purchase supplemental insurance?

it probably would be a good idea to get supplemental insurance if your present insurance doesnt cover 100%. it does not seem to be a good thing without insurance already.

What happens if you get into an accident but only have a license but no insurance but the other person doesnt have a license or insurance Whos at fault?

Who has insurance and who has license, is a non factor in determining liability for the accident. The person who is at fault will be based upon the police report and who caused the accident. You have no insurance, and have left yourself wide open to a judgment against you that could cost you plenty. You chose to drive without insurance, and in doing so you will be require to accept responsibility for your actions. You do not even have uninsured motorist insurance to cover your damage even if the other driver is at fault and cannot pay. You were not insured, and will now pay for that mistake.

Can a noncustodial parent in NY obtain outside cheaper health insurance rather than employer provider insurance?

Are you required by te court to provide insurance to your kids? If you are then it doesnt matter where the insurance comes from. If you can find a cheaper premium/better benefits from another carrier.. power to you! As long as the kids are covered and your not paying out a 5000.00 deductible then I would say go for it! Hope this helps:)

What does broadened collision auto insurance cover?

Covers medical expensives for you and passengers, will cover damages if other driver who is at fault doesnt have insurance.

Why insurance of computer is necessary?

it is not necessary because insurance doesnt do anything what you need is a anti virus ans anti spyware insureance computer

Do you have to repay a student loan if you are a cosigner and the borrow doesn't pay it because he doesn't want to?

That is the whole idea to co-signing. Another party to collect from if the debtor doesnt/cant pay. You are the insurance policy that the loan will get repaid. AND neither the lender nor the debtor has to pay for that insurance.

How long does driving with no insurance last?

Sincerely, until police notice.But if you mean with a learners permit, that one doesnt last until you get your operators insurance.

What if you are driving someones car that doesnt have insurance and you get in an accident but you did not know they did not have insurance?

Usually, it is the responsibility of the owner. However, if you have insurance on your vehicle, they will step in as secondary coverage...including covering the damage to the vehicle you were driving, if you have the coverage.

Does insurance ever pay for plastic surgery?

only if you need it for a medical reason. It doesnt if you just want to look nice though. However, it does depend on your insurance

Does paying more for car insurance benefit you if you're in an accident?

Paying more for your insurance doesnt gurantee any better coverage or better protection in an accident.

Does a registered letter mean that you are in trouble?

No, it just means who ever sent it want to make absolutly sure you get it...doesnt mean you are in trouble.

In NY state can you have a car title in one persons name ie one owner but registration and insurance in another persons name ie the driver?

yes, but dont be stupid. i got screwed by helping out my then girlfriend. it doesnt matter who owns that car, as long as there is insurance on it. Names do not matter. however make sure the person driving the vehicle is on the insurance policy as a driver

How do you know whether your girlfriend has another boyfriend or not?

you know when she doesnt talk to you that much and she doesnt let you hug her or kiss her and she runs away alot that's when you know she has another boyfriend

Will insurance cover if borrower doesnt have a drvers license?

If you are listed as a covered driver on the Insurance Policy then yes they will pay the claim whether you are licensed or not. Most Insurers will not offer you an auto insurance policy to begin with if you are not licensed but some will.

Another word for rodent?

this website doesnt even work

Does the acer aspire 5532 have a webcam?

no it doesnt, but another acer has

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