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Yes, they can be and should be removed. The only reason it's suggested to get them out when you are younger is because you are more likely to recover faster and there is less chance of caries. If you have cavity on a tooth, it should be treated, either by repairing the tooth, or in cases of semi-impacted wisdom teeth, the tooth should be extracted.

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Q: Can you remove wisdom teeth affected by caries when you are 35 years old?
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Do you have to get your wisdom teeth removed?

Wisdom teeth are frequent causes of infections and caries with high risk of damage to adjacent teeth. They are generally recommended for extraction early, during teen years, to prevent such problems.

Can wisdom teeth get loose?

You have to remove it

Do you have to remove your growing wisdom tooth?

It is not always necessary to remove wisdom teeth. They are often removed because there may not be enough room in your jaw for the teeth to grow in properly, and they can put pressure on the other teeth. However, some people do have jaws that are large enough to include wisdom teeth. I personally have never had any trouble with my wisdom teeth.

Do you need a oral surgeon to remove wisdom teeth?

An oral surgeon may be recommended if there you are a high risk patient however in most cases a dentist can and will remove wisdom teeth.

Can wisdom teeth grow heathy?

Yes. If your mouth is big enough, like mine is, there is no need to remove the wisdom teeth. I know many people who have all of their wisdom teeth, or only had 1 or 2 removed.

Do you have to remove wisdom teeth to get braces?

no, your wisdom teeth wont stop you from getting your braces, the only teeth removed before getting braces are baby teeth. although getting wisdom teeth removed when theyre coming in is necessary, and if not then straightened teeth can be moved and pushed by incoming teeth, and crowding the mouth.

Can the removal of wisdom teeth cause gaps between the remaining teeth?

Yes, as the teeth can shift in the bone when the wisdom teeth are no longer there to keep them in place. Yes, but in a minimal way. The gaps that can be mostly noticed are in the back area. Rarely front teeth are affected.

How many bottom teeth should an adult have not including wisdom teeth?

A full set of teeth is 32. That's 16 top and 16 bottom. Remove 2 for the wisdom teeth and you will have 14 on the bottom jaw.

Why do they call wisdom teeth wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth are called wisdom teeth because you get them usually around 18 when you are a legal adult.

Do you get sick from wisdom teeth?

No, but failure to remove them may result in distension of the jaw.

Do they break your jaw to remove your wisdom teeth?

normally it does not. but when the tooth is attached to the bone ; has to cut it out and remove from bone.

When are you supposed to get your wisdom teeth cut out?

So long as they're healthy and not causing problems with your jaw, there's no need to have wisdom teeth removed. Everyone's teeth are different, so any decision to keep or remove wisdom teeth should be made in conjunction with your dentist and/or orthodontist.

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