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Can you rent an apartment without a credit card or debit card?

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I have never had to use a credit or debit card and I have rented numerous places in Ohio for about 7 years.

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Can i use a debit card as a credit card without your PIN at walmart?

Yes, when you swipe your card just select credit as form of payment and not debit

Is Mastercard a debit card?

no, it is a credit card. a mastercard can be either a debit or a credit card

Can I use credit at gas pump without credit card?

No. You have to use a credit or debit card or pay cash inside.

Can you buy on eBay without credit card?

No - you must use a recognised credit or debit card. Even if you elect to use Paypal to pay for your items, the Paypal account is linked to a credit or debit card.

Is a refund to a credit card a debit or credit?


Can you use a debt card at Redbox?

yes. just tell the redbox its a credit card, then just swipe your debit card.An Opposing Answer:A credit card is not the same as a debit card, and vice versa. If you process a debit card as a credit card when that debit card is not encoded as an alternative credit card, the transaction will fail.

What is the difference between a debit card and credit card?

A debit card takes money directly from your account. A credit card takes the money from the credit card company, and the credit card company will bill you in monthly installments until you pay them back (plus interest). A debit card is like paying in cash, without actually having the cash on you. A credit card is similar to taking a small loan.

Is a secured credit card a real credit card or a debit card?

A "credit" card is a credit card.A prepaid credit card (secured) is not tied to a bank account and therefore while, like a debit card, you can only spend to the amount it has been loaded with (it will not provide credit), it is not a true debit card which IS linked into a bank account.

Does debit card build credit?

A debit card is a card that takes money straight out of the bank, however, a credit card lets you borrow money, but you must pay interest. So, a debit card does not build credit.

Can a chase debit card also be used as a credit card?

Yes, but the funds are still withdrawn from the account that the debit card it linked to ... in other words using the debit card as a credit card is still a point of sale transaction. You cannot be extended "credit" on a debit card.

Is credit card and debit card considered as a cash?

No, credit cards are loans and debit cards are checks.

Difference between credit and debit card?

credit card means post paid card debit card means pre-paid card

What is better Debit card or Credit Card?

I prefer debit card but if you like the bank giving you money then paying it back then it credit card for you . If you have debit card is like your whole bank in your wallet :)

How can you identify credit card from dedit card?

Credit cards say "credit" And debit cards say "debit". Hope this helps!

If a Mastercard card starts with 5434 is it a debit or a credit card?

credit card.

How do you identify the credit card from a debit cart?

it will say debit on the front of the card

Is meastro a credit card?

No, it is a debit card

Is debit card can be used as a credit card?


Is credit card and debit card is a cash?


Does newegg accept debit?

As long as you can use your debit card at stores just like credit cards are used, your debit card will work. Newegg won't know the difference between your debit card and a credit card.

Debit card vs credit card?

In short debit card is spend now and pay now. credit card is spend now pay after.

What is the difference between a debit card and a credit card?

a debit card is one in which you put money on your bank and use a debit card to do purchase with the amount in the bank. with credit card, you do purchases with a certain credit limit and pay later when the bill comes in.

What are the origins of debit and credit?

a debit card comes out of your savings and a credit card is something that you are billed with....lets say u bought a desk with a debit card an it costs u $50...that $50 comes out of your savings acount but if you bought that desk with a credit card you will be billed for $50 later in the month....its just better to use a debit card then a credit card...

Can you order things online without a credit or debit card?

Yes, you can do e-commerce transactions online without using a credit or a debit card. U will need to open up a paypal account first and den u will be able to pay for all your purchases using your paypal account and u wont have to give away your credit and debit card information!!!!

What is the primary difference between a credit card and a debit card?

credit mean were you take money debit is what you give money