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what is the diameter difference from a 205/65/16 vs. 225/60/16

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Can I replace my 205/55/ R16 with 225/55/

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Q: Can you replace 205 65 R16 with 225 60 R16 tires as Diameter Difference is 0.49 percent?
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Will 215 60r 16 tires replace 215 65r 16 tires?

No, there is a 3.15% difference in overall diameter. This will cause your speedometer to be off 2 mph.

What is the difference between 17 and 16 inch tires?

17 inch diameter rim versus 16 inch diameter rim

Can you substitue 215-65 R15 tires with 205-60 R15?

No, there is too big a difference in diameter.

What is the reason of the difference in the diameter of the tires of front and rear in tracter?

The larger rear tires get better traction in the mud and rough terrain. The front only needs to steer.

Can you replace 185 tires with 215 wide tires?

Yes as long as you keep the overall diameter the same. For instance you would replace a 185/75-15 tire with a 215/65-15 tire which would keep your overall diameter almost the same. Click the link to calculate what size tire to go with.

When I replace my stock rims with new super fly rims, do I need to replace my tires?

You'll most likely be buying rims with a larger diameter such as 19 or 20 inches. Your existing tires will need to be replaced with a tire that will fit on your rim.

What are the Difference between 16 and 17 inch tires?

the 16 and 17 refer to the tires diameter hence a 17 is one inch taller than a 16 inch tire

Will 195 65 15 tires replace 185 65 15 tires?

They will of course fit but there is a problem with going to a larger diameter tire. Your speedometer will be off. A much better replacement would be a 195/60-15 which is almost the exact same diameter.

Will 16 tires replace 15 tires on the same car?

Yes, if you install the correct tires and use 16" rims/wheels as well. Install tires that end up giving you the same overall diameter as the OEM 15" tires. You can use a tire size calculator to determine the size tires you need.

What size tires does a mercury marquis use?

28 in. diameter tires

Can 225 55 R18 replace 215 55 R18 tires?

The equivalence is 225 50 R18 so that the diameter may be the same.

Can you replace 215 60 R16 tires with 215 65 R16 tires?

You can but it not a good swap. The 65 series tire will be 3.15% larger in overall diameter. It is never recommended to go over 3% difference. Your speedometer will read 58.1 at a true 60 mph. Performance and fuel mileage will be adversely effected.

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