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1. Press and hold presets 2 and 3 for about 5 to 10 seconds until you

get 3 digits on your display. This is the first 3 of 6 digits you will

need, so write 'em down.

2. After doing step one and writing down the code, immediately press


AM/FM button to get the last 3 of the 6 numbers you'll need, and write

'em down. (if you wait too long between steps 1 and 2 and the LOC code

displays again, just start over).

3. Call this number, it's a prerecorded message, so don't worry about

having to talk to anyone...1-800-537-5140. The voice will ask if


calling for Chevy, Pontiac, Cadillac, etc... When you here him tell


to press "2" for Pontiac, press 206010 and hit the # key. He'll ask


for the 6 digit code that you've written down. Enter that and press


* key. He will then give you a code, and the option to get additional


digit codes, but one should be sufficient.

4. Follow the normal procedure in your owners manual for unlocking the

radio with your new the hour set button on your radio


you get the first two numbers of the code, then press the minute set

button until you've entered the last two numbers. Immediately press


AM/FM button once the correct code is entered and the code SEC or

"secured" will be displayed on the display screen. Now, just turn the

radio on, and your ready to roll.

There is an additional step you can take to remove all codes from the

radio and start from scratch by entering your own personalized 4 digit

code so that it won't get you in a pickle again! Just repeat step 4


you should get a display screen that reads ---. This means the code is

out, and you can now program your own code. Of course, once you


the 4 digit code from the GM recorded message, just keep it in a safe

place, because you can use that same code again and again should you

have any more problems with it in the future. Good luck, and yes, it

does work.


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