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2007-09-26 20:55:47
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Can you replace a 6 disc changer in a 1997 Toyota Camry?

It is very simple to replace most Toyota Radios. If you have a radio with changer control unit and separate disc changer, my recommendation would be to with a disc changer that is built into the head unit. Check e-bay for cheap OEM replacement.

6CD changer does not work in my 2003 Chrysler mini van - what is wrong?

If resetting the power by unplugging unit or disconnecting battery does not restore function, i'd backprobe changer connector for power and ground. If the amber lights are on and it does not respond to button presses or resetting power=replace with reman ($300+) or salvage yard unit($100+).

How do you replace 6 disc CD player in a 1996 Lincoln Continental?

is the whole unit a changer or is the changer in the trunk or something or under a seat?

Why CD changer 1997 mountaineer?

why the radio shows no dj no CD ? because the laser is defective CD changer needs to be repair or replace good luck

99 venture van quits you shake fuel pump connector and it starts?

Bad wire or connector Loose or corroded Replace connector

How do you replace a radiator fan connector on a 1998 Lincoln town car?

how do you replace cooling fan connector wires if they were cut on a 1998 lincoln town car

How do you replace a headlight bulb in a 00 seat ibiza?

You can replace the headlight from the engine compartment. The headlight bulb connector will be on the back of the headlight. Push the connector in and turn. The headlight will come out.

Can Linux be installed without having Windows?

Yes. Linux can be installed on a computer without ever having installed Windows, and can be installed to replace Windows entirely later on.

How do you replace a transmission connector on a 2001 Saturn?

how do i replace a transmission sensor switch on a 2001 l-series saturn

Are you able to install a 2005 Bose 6 CD changer radio into a 2003 Chevy silverado?

Yes you can install this CD changer into a 2003 Silverado. It shouldn't be too hard to remove the standard radio and replace it with this.

2001 ford ranger radio 6 disc changer wont take cds in it gives a CD ERROR whats's wrong?

Probably need a new CD changer. Cheaper to replace than repair.

What module do you replace if there is rimms and a c-rimm installed?

You replace C- Rimms with Rimms.

Where online can I purchase a 3 disc cd changer to replace my car radio?

At you'll find a 3 disc car CD changer in-dash model, and they offer to match competitor prices. The Alpine KAE-213C model is a 3 disc car CD changer/ magazine for in-dash installation.

How do you replace the connector for wsw reservoir for 2002 Chevy Silverado truck?

what is the boxing compass

How do you replace oil level sensor on 97 camaro?

drain the oil out of oil pan. Unplug sensor connector. Unscrew sensor and replace with new one ($30 at Auto Zone) Plug in connector and fill oil pan with oil.

How do you remove and replace a shower faucet?

Depends on the type already installed

How do you remove and fix a leaking copper T connector?

Use a pipe cutter to cut the connector about two inches away on all sides. Use a shark pipe connector to replace the copper T-connection with aCPVC connection.

Why won't my 1997 Ford Expedition CD changer not work?

there is no fuse on the CD changer of any for vehicle, they get the power from the factory radio If the radio displays NO DJ NO CD or BAD DISC that means the CD changer laser is defective and can't read the disc information nothing wrong with the magazine or the Cd's the CD changer needs to be repair or replace any car audio repair or clarion service center can fix it or you can get a rebuild unit from oemautosound

How can you fix your 6 CD changer on a ls 400 1998 Lexus?

just replace it. not repairable. if the cartridge is messed up, then you can get a new cartridge.

Who should i go 2 in order 2 fix 01 Lincoln ls disc changer?

Do not get it fixed, replace it. A spring in that disc changer is the cause of it eating cds and not playing/changing. The spring can be fixed or replaced but will have the same problem in a short amount of time.

How do you replace the brake light switch on a 1997 Yukon?

Go to the brake pedal and it is mounted under there then unplug the connector and screw out the part then screw the new one in and replug the connector in.

How do I fix a High idle on a 1995 Saturn SL2?

Replace the engine coolant temperature sensor. Your car has two, replace the one with the 2 wire connector

How do you replace clutch switch on 2003 Nissan 350z?

Unplug your battery, pull off the connector, unscrew the bolt and remove the switch then replace and work backwards.

What might cause and how might you fix the speedometer on your 1992 4Runner which works sporadically and sometimes not at all?

I suspect that you have a bad contact on your speed sensor connector in your transmission. Check connector underneath the car on the driver side, if connector is clean you might need to replace the sensor ( electrical pulse generator ) that's where you plug in the connector...

How do you remove a side view mirror on a 1999 Pontiac firebird?

to remove the whole side mirror.with the door open you unscrew the small rectangular shaped platic (inner part of the door)then that exposes the three screws n bolts that hold the mirror and a connector that moves your mirrors electronically.just unscrew n replace