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You didn't give us the Year or model of your Lexus (with Gps, w/o gps, Nakamichi or not) but here is the best answer:

Yes! But some modification and fabrication of a bracket will be required. If you like tinkering with your car this is the kind of a job that has only medium difficulty and the average Joe can handle it.

If you don't like getting your hands dirty, just take it to one of the custom radio shops all over the place and let them do it.

You can add DVD playback or GPS while you are at it!

Crutchfield has a wizard that will get you headeding in the right direction.

2007-09-10 19:47:49
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What size is the radio in a 1995 Volvo 850?

that would be a DoubleDIN sized radio. Its like stacking two normal DIN sized radios on top of one another. A DIN is the standard size for most aftermarket radios.

How do you replace the factory stereo in a 1997 grand am?

There are four Phillips screws that hold the dash panel on. Two above the instrument cluster and two more in the pocket under the A/C and heater controls. Remove these screws, pop the dash panel off by pulling it out gently. Unplug the harnesses on the lighter, dimmer switch and fog light switch. Remove the three torx screws that hold the radio in place, pull the radio out. Unplug the wire harness and antenna cable from the back of the radio. To put a standard sized DIN sized CD player in, you will need to get a dash installation kit. You will also need to get an antenna adapter since the plug on the antenna cable is smaller than a standard size antenna plug. Its also a good idea to get an adapter harness to make wiring the aftermarket radio to the stock harness much less painful. All of these can be found at most electronics stores or car audio shops. Wire the adapter harness to the aftermarket radio harness. Its color coded, so its pretty simple. I recommend soldering them and covering the solder with heat shrink tubing, but crimp caps will work, too. I don't recommend using electrical tape or wire nuts. Slide the aftermarket radio's mounting cage into the dash installation kit. Bend down the appropriate tabs to hold the cage in place. Insert the aftermarket radio into the mounting cage, making sure it snaps into place. Plug the adapter harness into the factory harness, and into the aftermarket radio. Plug the antenna adapter into the factory antenna cable and into the back of the radio. Now would be a good time to test the radio to make sure everything works. Insert the radio/installation kit into the space where the factory radio was, making sure the wire harness is tucked to the bottom or side of the radio and will not be pinched. Replace the three torx screws that held the factory radio in and plug the lighter, dimmer and headlight switches back in. Pop the dash panel back in place and replace the four screws that hold the panel in.

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