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Replacing brake pads on a 99 f250 is fairly easy. first make sure your vehicle is jacked up and secured by blocks or jack stands if you have some. 1.remove tire 2.remove 2 caliper bolts or pins as it may have. located top and bottom of caliper. (the piece that holds the brake pads) 3. remove old pads out of caliper, or of of rotor. 4. press or squeese caliper piston back into caliper. 5. install new pads on rotor setting pads into bracket that holds caliper. 6. make sure you use brake caliper lube on ends of pads. and use disc brake quiet on back of bads. 7. reinstall caliper back on bracket and over pads. Bruce

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Q: Can you replace the pads on a 2001 F250 4x4 diesel front brakes if you have a jack and tools but are not mechanically inclined?
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