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Tom, If you want to convert your rifle to a clip fed, first you need to find out if the receiver will accept a clip.If the receiver is like an M1 Garand it will load from the top, but if you mean a magazine to load from the bottom like an M16,M14 orMP-5 the receiver must be machined in that fashion. Take it to a KNOWLEGABLE gunsmith not a gunplumber and get his advise.

There are a number of stock makers out there. Bell & Carlson (800)634-8586 or (316)225-6688, McMillian Fiberglass stocks (623)582-9635, H-S Precision (605)341-3006 to name a few.


Tom, I own a savage 7mm mag 111 model and recently added the Choate sniper stock (now sub-MOA!!!!). I've researched exhaustively and was unable to find a stock that would allow a box-fed magazine. After disassembling and reassembling the rifle I noticed that, if you removed the internal box magazine, it would be possible to fit an external magazine to it, but you would have to find or have made a custom stock to fit this application. In my opinion, it's possible, but not plausible. The 7mm mag can hold 3 rounds plus 1 in the chamber. With a decent scope you're accurate at 300 yards plus. At that distance, if you need more than four rounds, buy a different gun.

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Q: Can you replace the stock on a top loading Savage 7mm model 110a with one that will accept a clip?
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