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If it's leaking the moonroof drains near the front are plugged.

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Q: Can you replace the sunroof on on 1999GT by yourself and How?
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How do you replace the sunroof motor on a 96 Sunfire?

this is more of an automotive question then a DIY question, even if you are looking to do it yourself its not really a do it yourself project unless you have alot of auto interior experience

How do you replace sunroof motor on 2001 Mitsubishi eclipse?

Howdo i put a sunroof motor in on a 2001 eclipse

How do you replace the factory sunroof on a 1999 Saturn SL2?

Contact The Sunroof Doctor for replacement parts & assistance for your Saturn sunroof.

How much to repair a sunroof on a 1997 Oldsmobile Cutlass GLS?

The cost to repair your 1997 Oldsmobile Cutlass sunroof is dependent upon the condition of the sunroof. It will cost approximately $700 to completely replace the sunroof.

How much does it cost to replace a Volvo V70 sunroof?

how much it cost to replace my sun root

How do you replace a sunroof motor on 91 Civic SI?

Take it to an automotive trim shop, It is about impossible to work on a sunroof and not make it leak

Is it okay to replace a sunroof from a 1993 3000GT to a 1992 3000GT?


How can you replace the sunroof from a BMW 318i?

Wind back the sunroof to expose the front edge of the panel, unscrew it, and remove the panel. Fit the replacement sunroof panel into the cranking mechanism, align the sunroof, and install againÊthe inner lining. ThenÊpush the trim clips along the inner lining up into the holes at the front of the sunroof panel.Ê

How do you fix a sunroof leak on a 1990 legend?

replace the glass or get window sealant

How do you replace a sunroof motor in a BMW?

With your feet and the biggest tool box available! :)

How do you replace a sunroof weather strip on a 97 Cherokee?

I asked a sunroof repair shop the same question in my area. I have a 97 Grand Cherokee limited with sunroof, and the weather stripping around it has deteriorated. Unfortunately, the repair shop said I would have to replace the entire glass for about $1000!!! If you find another answer, please let me know. Otherwise, I can live with it for now.

Why are your dome lights and sunroof not working Mitsubishi galant?

If dome lights and sunroof of a Mitsubishi Galant are not working, it is probably due to blown fuse. It is time to replace old ones.

How do you replace a sunroof motor?

It is a doable DIY job. You might have a look at this tutorial;

How do you check to see if you need to replace the sunroof motor?

My brother works for a Saturn dealership. He said if the fuses are good and the sunroof won't do anything it is the sunroof motor. If it moves a little bit it's either the cable or the rails. That's what the techs at the dealership told him.

How do you replace 1998 Audi A4 sunroof shade?

Tellyou what. I am looking for a shade for an A6 2003 sunroof shade. Know where I can find one? Then I'll put it in and tell you how its done! Thanks.

How do you fix the sunroof of a 1994 VW golf?

Sunroof repair for a 1994 VW Golf depends on what the problem is. If the sunroof wont open or close, check the fuse, wiring, switch, and motor. If it has a leak, then look for the exact place of the leak to find the cause and replace the gasket.

How can you get 1995 Pontiac Grand Prix GT sunroof to closed Stuck?

Had the same thing happen to me .. you have to remove the motor. take all visors off and get to the motor carefully and unplug , the hydralics in the sunroof will release sunroof and close. This is a dealer part . Replace the same way. Good Luck !

How do you fix a leaking sunroof on a 1995 Mazda MX3?

The first thing I would do is check the weather stripping around the sunroof. Replace it if necessary. If that doesn't work, check the glass for cracks and have it replaced, if necessary.

How would you fix the sunroof on a 1998 Pontiac Grand Am GT that will not close completely and seems to be off track but still has power?

remove the six screws (three on each side) pull the sunroof out and then try to close the window using the switch. If it closes you can replace the window and replace the screws.

How do you install a 95 contour sunroof motor?

Connect the sunroof motor with the sunroof motor retaining bolts. Connect the sunroof linkage. Connect the wiring harness to the back of the sunroof motor.

Why your power windows and sunroof wont work in your range rover 4.6 HSE?

need to replace your center console

How do you know if you need to replace the sunroof motor on a 1997 vw golf cl?

When it doesn't work any more.

How much should it cost to replace a headliner for a 1999 c230 Mercedes?

With Sunroof $400 USD. Without $300USD.

How do you replace sunroof cable Mercedes 450sel?

Remove the Sunroof inner cover by prying down the front. This will expose the underside of the sunroof. Remove the keeper from the shaft in the center front. This is the end of the cable. Activate the sunroof motor and the cable will be forced out the front. There is about 12 inches of solid shaft then the cable begins. It is messy! ! ! . When the cable stops moving out, pull it out with your hands. To install a new cable, grease it, slide the end down the tube until it stops, then press the motor switch and draw the cable into the feeder tube to a length appropriate to match up with the position of the sunroof cable mounting bracket, insert the cable and replace the locking pin.

Jetta sunroof not sealing?

Check the insulation material all the way around - it may be time to replace it. The rails that the sunroof rides in need to be greased periodically too it may bind up no letting it close all the way.