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Replacing the water pump on your SL can be done by 1 person, but it much easier with 2 people. You have to be able to fit your fingers into some tight spots, but it's done easy enough. If you have an adjustable pully holder( it's a strip of rubber on a plastic base that you can adjust to hold different size pully's. Check at you local carquest, schucks, or napa, and they should be able to help you), I believe it's a 10mm needed to take the pully off next to the motor mount. That was the hardest part for me when I recently changed my water pump on my 93 sl2.

As a side note, if you're even slightly mechanically inclined, almost all repairs on your sl are pretty simple. Not to say they are always easy, but most are easy to figure out. Good luck!

The bolts on the water pump pulley can be hard to get loose. They are 8mm and I recommend a box end wrench as long as possible. You can inprove your access by removing the passenger side wheel (always support the vehicle with a jack stand or similar firm stand) and removing the covers inside the wheel well. These are easily removed by lifting the round black push in keepers with a small straight slot screwdriver. Use the wrench from above to hold the pulley in place. Good luck. Gregory

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Q: Can you replace the water pump on a 93 Saturn SL2 yourself or should you take it to a mechanic?
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