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Q: Can you repossess a car on tribal land?
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Can you repo a car from a casino on tribal land?

For a non-tribal member lien holder to repossess a car on tribal land, that entity must first obtain a repossession order issued by the tribal court. State court issued orders will not suffice. Once an order is issued by the tribal court, granting permission for lien holder to enter tribal land to repossess, repo proceedings can commence.

What is Texas law on repossession procedures?

Can the police repossess your car? Can the police repossess your car?

Can a dealership repossess your car if they are not the lien holder?

No. The lienholder is the only entity with a right to repossess.

How do you use repossess in a sentence?

The bank's repossession of their house left the family with no place to live.

My car was in an accident and is still at the body shop which hasn't been paid yet he finance company wants to repossess the car. Can they repo it from the body shop?

Yes, the finance company can repossess the car from the body shop. They would likely wait for the car to be fixed before they repossess the car.

Can a sheriffs department repossess your car?


Can they repossess your car when it is on your personal property?


Can a lien holder repossess your car?


When can a bank repossess someones car?

When the owner defaults on the loan payments

When a bank repossess someones car?

As long as the bank is listed as the lienholder on the title and as long as you owe them money and haven't paid they can repossess the car.

Does a repo agent have to notify you if they are going to repossess your car?


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