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No you cannot reschedule your period if you are on the mini pill. You must take it every day at the same time... more than one hour late is considered a miss with this pill. Mini-pills tend to make periods short and light and you may go several months with no bleeding at all so it might not be an issue for you. If you want further information on this pill, copy and paste the website below to your browser.

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Q: Can you reschedule your period if you are on the MiniPill?
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Is It ok if i take the minipill a couple of minutes earlier or later than I'm supposed to?

Yes, your window period with the minipill is three hours.

Can you skip period on purpose while using mini pill?

No, you can't. Every pill is exactly the same on the minipill, and there are no placebo pills to skip.

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If you are already on the pill, stopping them and starting them on a different day to reschedule your period puts you at risk for pregnancy and/or make you have irregular bleeding for a while. If you are just starting the pill, you can start it on the day you start your period or the Sunday immediately following your period (even if you are still bleeding). Sunday startup is popular because it would ensure that you won't have your period on any weekend.

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