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No. It's not just the license that's suspended, it's your right to have a license.

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All drivers in all states are registered with the NDR or otherwise known as National Drivers Registry...all states use this system to identify mainly problem drivers...repeat drunk driving offenders or speeders. They also use this system to find out if you have any unpaid traffic tickets or unpaid child support. This system allows them to suspend your license in any state for any state. In other words a person who drives without insurance in one state and had their license suspended can't go to another state and get a license or permit for that matter....or drunk driving suspensions...or unpaid traffic tickets...etc etc.

DUR means Driving Under Restraint, it applies when someone drives with a suspended license, drunk, without possession of a license, minor driver's license so on.

No, neither the owner nor the co-owner of a vehicle has to have a drivers license. Only the person who actually drives the vehicle needs a license.

I'm pretty sure you have to have a temporary international drives licence to do that.

If your 16 year old has no drivers license but drives your car and has an accident, your insurance premium could be negatively affected.

The drivers license can be revoked for speeding, reckless driving, when one leaves the scene of an accident with injuries and when one drives under the influence of alcohol or prohibited substances. Other causes for revoking one's drivers license are refusal of alcohol test, refusal to pay a traffic fee or refusal to declare an accident.

Yes you do need a cdl for a job as a UPS driver. A CDL license is a commercial drivers license and since a UPS driver drives a commercial vehicle on public roads the driver does need this specialized license.

In most cases no, but there are some exceptions. If you have someone who drives you around because of personal issues but your the one with the money then yes you will most likely get a loan. There are also some other exceptions.

yes i think they are. hard drivers are drivers that do deadly tricks on an ordinary road

Yes, if your son doesn't have a license, he has no business driving. Take off the insurance unless someone else drives it. If your son was the only one driving it, it would make no sense to insure a car just in the dirveway.

You are both responsible. You are responsible because you are the owner and you should make sure that anyone who drivers your car is legal. Also the person who drove without a license is responsible because they didnt have a license which is illegal, and they dont have insurance, which is illegal. You may be the person they go after and you may find yourself having to sue the other person.AnswerYour policy will probably not cover the event. Check in with your insurance agent.

If someone without a valid drivers license and without car insurance drives a car that is covered by car insurance, does that insurance pay for that uninsured driver if they have a accident?

cab drivers, chauffers, mothers

Elizebeth (Betty) Flaherty was born on July 7th 1912. Age 98 She currently not only holds a valid California drivers licence but drives to work at Warrior Custom Golf in Irvine Ca. in her Lexas. She lives in Mission Viejo Ca.

actually yes but she still drives sometimes.

Well....he drives a car, so yes.

Yes she drives a ford eascape hybrid

Wooden drivers work great for long drives, but hooking can become a nuisance.

regular drives license. want to renew it at the sec of state offfice

Almost all Flash drives should work with Windows 7. Flash drives are very genericized; most do not require any special drivers.

in Australia there is a person called zac and he drives reallY FAST.

When he finally drives well enough and earns it, which will probably be never.

Yes. Carefully read the application and questions on the application. If this is the person driving the car when the claim happens then I can almost guarantee that the claim will be denied. Most policies state that if someone drives the vehicle who you know or should know has a suspended drivers license or no license then no coverage will be afforded. It also stated that you agree to list all household members whether or not licensed and any and all regular drivers, whether or not licensed. You always need to be truthful on the application as the application along with the policy makes up the legal insuring document. A legal contract is made up of responsibilities that you agree to and that the insurance company agrees to. You agree to be truthful, to give the insurance company all information to rate and underwrite the policy, and to pay your premiums in a timely manner. The insurance company agrees to accept your risk of loss up to the limits you purchase and to defend you against claims. If you are not truthful that is just as bad as not paying the premiums in that it breaks the contract on your part and therefore the company does not have to uphold their end on the contract.

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