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No. It's not just the license that's suspended, it's your right to have a license.

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Q: Can you retake your drivers test as if you never had a license to obtain a drivers license because you have a suspended drives license?
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If a car is registered in Illinois and someone with an Indiana drivers license drives it can the driver be insured in Illinois?

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How can your license be suspended in another state if it is not suspended in the issuing state?

All drivers in all states are registered with the NDR or otherwise known as National Drivers Registry...all states use this system to identify mainly problem drivers...repeat drunk driving offenders or speeders. They also use this system to find out if you have any unpaid traffic tickets or unpaid child support. This system allows them to suspend your license in any state for any state. In other words a person who drives without insurance in one state and had their license suspended can't go to another state and get a license or permit for that matter....or drunk driving suspensions...or unpaid traffic tickets...etc etc.

What is DUR and if you are a multiple offender what are the consequences?

DUR means Driving Under Restraint, it applies when someone drives with a suspended license, drunk, without possession of a license, minor driver's license so on.

If a household member with a suspended license drives an auto without permission and gets in an accident can the insurance company refuse to pay?


Does a co-owner of a vehicle have to be licenced?

No, neither the owner nor the co-owner of a vehicle has to have a drivers license. Only the person who actually drives the vehicle needs a license.

Can one drive or rent a car in Tennessee with a French drivers license?

I'm pretty sure you have to have a temporary international drives licence to do that.

Are you penalized on your ins. if your 16 yr old doesnt have license?

If your 16 year old has no drivers license but drives your car and has an accident, your insurance premium could be negatively affected.

What actions could get your drivers license revoked?

The drivers license can be revoked for speeding, reckless driving, when one leaves the scene of an accident with injuries and when one drives under the influence of alcohol or prohibited substances. Other causes for revoking one's drivers license are refusal of alcohol test, refusal to pay a traffic fee or refusal to declare an accident.

Do you need a CDL license for jobs as a UPS driver?

Yes you do need a cdl for a job as a UPS driver. A CDL license is a commercial drivers license and since a UPS driver drives a commercial vehicle on public roads the driver does need this specialized license.

Can you get a car loan without a drivers license?

In most cases no, but there are some exceptions. If you have someone who drives you around because of personal issues but your the one with the money then yes you will most likely get a loan. There are also some other exceptions.

Are hard drives drivers?

yes i think they are. hard drivers are drivers that do deadly tricks on an ordinary road

Can you come back from Tijuana with a drives license?


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