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Can you retrieve deleted facebook messages?


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2012-06-03 21:19:47
2012-06-03 21:19:47

If u deleted it , then . If the person you sent them to deleted them , then u can recieved them .

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If you completely deleted the messages, from the message box, you cannot retrieve your messages. If you cleared the messages from the chat box, you can go to your messages at the top of your fb page and click on MESSAGES, and your messages should still be there.

Unfortunately, there is no way you can retrieve a Facebook message that you have put in your trash (ie. deleted). You will just have to type it again or use some other method to get it back where you wanted it eg. your Wall.

Yes, you CAN retrieve deleted SmartPhone messages. To find out how, click on the links below under SOURCES AND RELATED LINKS or RELATED QUESTIONS.

since the government controls the internet its possible for them to have everyones password and everything all the deleted files go somewhere in this bin (aka the recycle bin) and its possible for them to type your name in then have your old deleted messages

You can retrieve important text messages that were deleted from your phone from your carrier. They will store all your text messages even if you delete them.

To recover deleted messages from Sprint go to the Admin console and select messages. Once the messages menu appears select 'deleted' Once this is selected the deleted messages will appear.

As with most cell providers, there is no way to retrieve deleted messages from Boost Mobile. In regards to the phone, the Galaxy Prevail does not keep a record of messages either.

actually everything you write in the computer is saved even when you deleted it

How to Recover Deleted Facebook Messages red this setap

Nope, once they are deleted, they are gone forever.

I dont think you can, Once its deleted, its deleted.

Deleted messages are stored for a time in the Trash folder until that folder is cleared ("emptied"). Messages deleted from the Trash folder can't be recovered.

No but your phone company might be able to I think. Why would you want to retrieve a deleted text message from blackberry? It's from a...........................friend, and I deleted it accidentally.

Facebook does not currently have an option to retrieve a status that has been deleted. The status desired will have to be typed out again or a new status can be written.

Deleting messages does not mean a thing. When you get so many messages by so many unknown people on Fb and other. I dont care

Here, we summarize three diverse solutions about how to retrieve deleted text messages on iPhone.Solution 1. Retrieve From iTunes Backup & iCloud BackupIf you have a previous backup saved with iTunes or your iCloud, this is a good solution to retrieve deleted text messages on iPhone. However, you should make sure that iTunes automatically created backups of your iPhone when you synced with iTunes, and you enable iCloud backup of your iPhone.Solution 2. Directly Retrieve From iPhoneUnfortunately, if you don't have iPhone backup files with iTunes or your iCloud, or you just want to select some messages you need, PhoneRescue is such a software that helps you selectively get back deleted text messages from your iPhone.How to Retrieve Deleted Text Messages Without iTunes and iCloud BackupPhoneRescue enables you to recover not only deleted text messages that send as SMS, MMS, iMessages by mistaken on iPhone, but also accidently deleted messages attachment, lost photos, contacts, call history, etc. It's a fantastic rescue software that allows you to retrieve deleted messages from your iPhone to your computer in a quick, simple and safe way.Solution 3. Contact iPhone ProviderTake a call to your phone provider or contact customer services. Although it may be useless, it costs nothing to ask. Right? Probably, some, although not all, will keep a record of your text messages.Related article, you can refer to,

A deleted Facebook status can only be retrieved under unusual circumstances with the assistance of administration. It is necessary to write in with all the salient information and the request.

You just need to look in your ''deleted'' file on your hot-mail account to the side, if they are not there then they might possibly be in your recycle bin on your computer.

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