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Only if the selling dealer agrees to take it back. Otherwise it is yours and there is no legal way to return it.

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Q: Can you return a car after 3 days?
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How long do you have to return a car to the dealer in Virginia?

3 days.

What is the return policy of returning a new car in Illinois?

3 days. I believe any time you enter a contract for auto's you have 3 days to return it.

How long do you have to return a car to a dealer in Illinois?

3 business days.

How long can you return a car if you didnt take possession of it?

On a new car it is 3 days after you pay for it.

Can you return a new car in Louisiana?

You may return a vehicle within 3 business days of purchase and get a refund.

Can you return a car within 3 days of purchase in Oklahoma?

No, once you drive the car off the lot, the car is yours.

What do you do if you loan your car to someone and they don't return it Can you have the car repossessed?

You send them a certified letter demanding return of the car within 3 days. If no response, report it stolen.

Is there a law in Maryland that gives you 3 days to return a car?

Unless it is mentioned that you have 3 days to return a vehicle (highly unlikely) it is not Maryland Law to enforce something like this

What is the 3 day law in Florida for returning a car?

According to sec. 202(b)1.a-4.5, You have 3 days to return a car.

In Florida can you return a used car in 72 hours?

In Florida, the allow allows consumers to return a used car within 72 hours. The contract must be cancelled within 3 days with the return of the car.

Can one return a car within 3 days of the purchase in Iowa?

In Iowa, the law states that a person has the right to return a car within 3 days of purchase. Iowa also has a lemon law that allows a person to return a car within 24,000 miles or 2 years if it keeps breaking down.

What states have the 3 day return new car policy?

I PURCHASED A used CAR and don't need to keep it due to health problems! CAN I RETURN IT to dealer within 3 days of purchase ?

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