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They don't sell cars to "couples" they sell cars to individuals. If there is one name on the contract, and that name has a signature, then the car is sold. They don't care if your spouse is in agreement. The spouse is not a factor in the contract.

Yes, this is true provided that your spouses name is not on the sales contract.

If you spouse is on the sales contract then it is not completed until he/she signs.


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What is the primary duty in a marriage contract?

The primary duty in a marriage contract is the duty to be faithful to your spouse.

Is it legal for a spouse to sign another spouses name on a contract?

No. Not unless the signor has been granted POA (Power Of Attorney) by the spouse. Without a POA the contract would not be binding.

What is the most your spouse can make without you claiming her on your income taxes?

On your MFJ income tax return you do not have a choice about claiming your spouse. Your spouse would not be claimed as a dependent exemption on your MFJ income tax return. You have one exemption for each spouse on the MFJ income tax return and all gross worldwide income is combined on the married filing joint income tax return.

How do you find out if a spouse has filed a tax return?

The obvious answer is to ask your spouse. If that is not an option, have your divorce attorney ask your spouse's attorney. You can call the IRS and ask them if by any chance a joint return has been filed with your name on it, but they won't tell you if your spouse filed a separate return. If none of that works, file a separate return (married filing separately, not single). If civil relations are ever restored with your spouse, you can talk about matters and file an amended return later.

Can you sue your wife for breach of marriage contract?

A person cannot sue their spouse for breach of marriage contract. They can however sue them for divorce and end the contract of marriage.

Vehicle in both names can spouse take it if other is not paying the payment while separated?

Yup. Pay your bill.Your spouse has the same right to the vehicle as you do. Your problem is that your paying nothing on the vehicle - so she has to pick up the bill. If she is paying the bill, then she deserves to have the vehicle. If you are paying the bill, then you deserve to have the vehicle. You cannot "one-up" your spouse by driving a vehicle that also has her name on it, and not paying for it. Your credit and her credit will suffer. My advice? Pay your bill. She has the right to the vehicle until you do.

How long of a contract do you have to sign at 24 hour fitness to get a free gym membership for your spouse?

This depends on you and your spouse. Most gym memberships are not free unless you sign up for a specific period of time and sign a contract with them.

Can you sue your spouse for brech of contract on a marriage?

Basically that is what a divorce is. So, get a divorce.

Can a wife's tax return be taken for child support owed by her spouse to other children?

No; however, in a joint return the wife may have to file an injured spouse form with the IRS to recover her share of the refund.

Is a deceased father's ownership rights of a vehicle distributed through probate to his heirs?

The ownership of any vehicle is determined by the titling of said vehicle. If a married couple resided in a community property state and the vehicle was titled in one or both names at the time of the spouse's death, the vehicle belongs to the surviving spouse. In non CP states the probate laws apply, although it is a general rule that at least one vehicle is the property of the surviving spouse. Both situations are based upon the vehicle not having a lien, either for the original loan or other matters. If a vehicle is not owned freely and clearly at the time of the owner's death, the lending contract must be reaffirmed or the vehicle becomes a part of the probate procedure and succession laws apply.

Are assets of non-filing spouse considered in bankruptcy?

No. When one spouse files for bankruptcy and the other spouse does not, they are only filing for their own personal debts and not those of the spouse. In general, the filing of bankruptcy by one spouse will not affect the other spouse's financial situation. A debt is created by contract between a debtor and a creditor - each debtor must sign the contract to be liable for payment. Therefore, the bankruptcy of one spouse does not cause the other to become bankrupt. Debts where spouses are joint and severally liable for payment will remain with the spouse who has not filed for bankruptcy.

Does your husband have to claim your workers compensation benefits on his tax return?

does my spouse have to claim my workers disability pension on his income tax return

Can i take over the car title of my deceased father?

Most states have a procedure for a spouse or child to change the title of a deceased spouse or parent's motor vehicle to the survivor. This does not change the loan, however, if there is one on the vehicle. You may have to refinance.

What if a person dies in Feb 08 owing the IRS taxes for 07 but was separated from his spouse by the end of the fiscal year 07 - is the spouse liable for the IRS debt?

If the spouse inherited the estate, the spouse will pay the IRS debt. Since the two were still married, the taxes must be paid by the remaining spouse.If they were separated at the end of 2007 I assume that they did not file a joint return for the 2007 taxes. If this is the case, the husband's estate must pay the taxes. If the estate cannot pay the taxes in full, then the spouse will not be held liable for anything that is still owed. A distinction must be made between the spouse being liable and the estate being liable.The only way that the spouse is fully liable is if the return was a joint return.

Is a surviving spouse in Oklahoma obligated to pay medical expenses incurred by the deceased spouse prior to death?

Only if the person entered into a written contract with the medical providers to do so.

What happens if the person filing an exparte allows the spouse to return home?

The restraining order is still in effect and the disparaged spouse can still get in trouble for its violation, even if the aggrieved spouse allows the other to re-enter.

Can a resident file a resident joint tax return if the spouse only has a B-1 or B-2 visa?

Can a resident file a resident joint return if the spouse only has a B-1 or B-2 visa

If a spouse dies in Texas with no insurance what happens to vehicle?

Wether it has insurance or not is a moot point. The vehicle is generally part of the estate and is inherited by someone.

In Michigan do you have to help pay for a house that was acquired before marriage if the person will not add you as co-owner or beneficiary?

Yes, if you are on the lending contract and the non-owner spouse is not relieved of the responsibility in the dissolution terms of the marriage. In many cases the stipulation in the divorce decree releasing a spouse from the financial responsibility will not be enough for the lender to do likewise. The spouse who is taking the financial responsbility must refinance the property to have the non-owner spouse legally released from the obligation.

After a divorce a spouse filed the taxes as married filing jointly and kept more than 50 percent of the return. What are the options for the other spouse?

If you were no longer married at the end of the day on December 31th, you cannot file a joint return. The other spouse should simply file a legitimate return for themselves and not worry about what their ex-spouse did. If you try to e-file, it will probably be rejected, but you should then file on paper. The first step is to file your own return, nothing can be done until you do that. Of course, the IRS will notice the discrepancy at that point and send you a letter. Respond to the letter with the proper documentation showing that you were divorced and your spouse should not have filed a joint return. It will take some time to settle and your refund (if you are due one) will be delayed for months.

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