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NO, the buyer's remorse law does not apply to the sale of vehicles. You bought it and you own it, unless the seller agrees to let you out of the deal.

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Q: Can you return a car in Colorado if you decide you do not want it?
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Can you return a new car within 72 hours in Colorado if not satisfied?

can you return a used car to dealer within 72 hrs in colorado?

Can you return a used car in Colorado within 72 hours after purchase?

If it is a used car then no

My co signer is not paying his car bill can I return the car?

if think you can return the car you can or if you want to do for him you can do

Can you rent a car in Denver Colorado and return it in Salt Lake City Utah?


In the state of SC do you have 72 hours to return a used car if you decide you don't want it?

no, once you sign the papers, its yours; unless prior arrangements are made

How can you decide what vehicle to buy?

What kind of car do you want that you can afford and does what you need it to?

If you complete the paperwork on a car take it home and then decide you do not like the deal can you return the car to the dealer What is the law?

in Minn how do I start what ever it takes to return a new car that I found out has already had repaired body damage to it

What is Colorado's state car?

Colorado has no state car.

Is Fountain or Colorado Springs Colorado a better place to live?

Depends on if you like your car and want your kids to have a future.... means no.

Can you return a car bought on a personal loan when you were told it was on finance?

Have the car voluntarily repossessed. Using this option means that you voluntarily return the car to the finance loan company if you are too far behind on your payments and can't recover. If you decide to return the car, the finance company may pick up the vehicle or it may require that you return the car to its location.

If you buy a used car in Georgia and want to return it how many days do you have?

If you purchase a used car in Georgia and want to return it, you may not be able to do so. Some dealers will let you return it but it is completely up to them and what their contract states.

Can you return a car if you didn't drive it?

The minute that car was driven off the dealer's lot (assuming it was a dealer), the money clock starts ticking - if you decide to return the car "undriven" you are certain to incur some expense if at minimal.

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