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you can not return a car with in any amount of time unless the sale was made away from the dealership i.e. at your house if there was fraudulent behavior you might point that out to the dealership thay may be willing to take it back in lue of a legal battle

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Q: Can you return a car to the dealership within three days if it has been financed but there was fraudulent behavior on the part of the dealership?
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If you return a car to the dealership which financed it will it still be considered a repossession even if you have to pay off the balance?

YES, unless the LENDER decides not to report a repo to the CA.

Dealership did not sign a bill of sale?

Return to the dealership immediately and have the situation corrected.

Can I return a used car to the dealership if it wasn't what I thought?

Can I return a use car

Can you return a used car if you haven't been financed?

There is no easy answer for that question. There are a few factors that matter when you are trying to return a bought vehicle. Did the dealership give you the car on the basis that you were approved but then got denied within a few days of buying the vehicle? If that's the case, you should be able to return it. Each state has its own laws on this matter so depending where you live will depend on all your options. The term "haven't been financed" does that mean you bought it in cash? Is the dealer a "buy here pay here" place? I would need more info to better answer your question. As a rule of thumb, you can return the vehicle, if the dealer "thought" you would be approved but you weren't, that's not your fault. Unless you gave fraudulent info, that could be another story. If you want to return a vehicle because you found a better deal somewhere else, good luck, most dealers won't be interested in helping you return a vehicle under that scenerio. You still may have options, but that would depend on where you live, and the laws in that state.

If you purchase a used vehicle in Nevada and then no longer want the vehicle can you return it to the dealership and rescind the contract?

"If you purchase a used vehicle in Nevada and then no longer want the vehicle can you return it to the dealership and rescind the contract?"

Can you return your recalled new 2010 Toyota Tundra to dealership?

You can return it to have it repaired under the recall at no cost to you for the recall.

Can you return a new motorcycle you bought 2 days ago?

it depends on the dealership.

How do you voluntarily return a vehicle to the dealership?

You must leave it ON the dealers property somehow.

How does a film get financed?

directors ask for money from producers who get money back in return from what the money makes

Can you return a car to the dealer if you haven't received a title for it?

Yes and if it's financed it's called a repo. And that is not good.

Can I return my vehicle when I get deployed in the military?

You could sell it, but I don't believe you can return your vehicle to the dealership for a refund just because you are deploying.

What allows a person to use a car for two to three years and then return it to the dealership?


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