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Can you return a new car?


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No. It is nothing more than a myth that the "Buyer's Remorse" or "Cooling Off Period", laws apply to the purchase of an vehicle of any kind, new or used. Those type laws do not apply to vehicle purchases in any state. Once you purchase a vehicle you own it. Also once you purchase a new vehicle it becomes a used vehicle the instant you drive it off the lot and is worth far less than before. Those type laws apply to unsolicited sales as in a door to door salesman or phone sales. The only way you could return a vehicle is if the selling dealer had such an offer as GM has done in the past, or if the selling dealer agreed to allow you to return the vehicle. Otherwise you are stuck with your decision to buy the vehicle.


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No you can not return a new car in South Carolina.

After a car purchase, can I return the car?

You can return it to get the scratches repaired. Did you not inspect the car for scratches before you took delivery? You cannot return it for a refund as it is no longer a new car. It is a used car.

You can only return a new car to be fixed if there is something wrong with it. You cannot return a new car just because you changed your mind. There is no buyers remorse law in Maryland.

You cannot return a new car unless the dealership or individual allows you to. There is no provision for buyer's remorse.

NO, there is no cooling off period on the purchase of any vehicle, new or used, in any state. You cannot return a new car that is used car once you buy it. The only way you can return it is if the dealer agrees to the return which is highly unlikely.

Once you sign the papers, it is your car. You cannot return it unless the dealer agrees to the return.

No there is not a period of time in Florida when you can return a new car. A car may be returned if it has a major mechanical defect under the Lemon law.

You have no time to return a car purchase. You have a warranty on a new car to cover problems. If the problem can not be resolved then some states have a "lemon law".

There is no buyer's remorse law in Virginia. You cannot return a new car unless the dealer will allow you to. They will usually require a fee of some sort to restock the car.

No, you buy it, you own it.

There are different laws based on if a car is new or used. In used cars, you need to get any return policy in writing. In new car sales, it also has to be spelled out although some states of lemon laws which allow of the return of defective new cars.

You cannot return a new car in Ohio. You can contact the bank and tell them you don't want the car and cancel financing but you could still be stuck with the deal you signed with the dealer.

Depends where you bought it from, check with the dealer who sold it to you.

No, there is not. That new car is now a used car and you cannot return it. The cooling off period or buyers remorse law does not apply to the purchase of a vehicle.

You can return a new car if the dealer made a mistake on the contract depending on the type of mistake. If the dealer place the wrong vehicle on the contract, you could return the vehicle.

can you return a used car to dealer within 72 hrs in colorado?

You cannot return a new or used car in Florida except under the Lemon Law. the Buyers Remorse law does not apply to the purchase of a vehicle.

No, the car depreciates after you take it off the lot from the dealership.

On a new car it is 3 days after you pay for it.

Yes, depending on the dealership, you should have a 15-30 day period to return the car.

Check the contract you signed when you bought the new car. It will tell you what you can and can't do and what your rights are. Typically, once you have signed that contract you can't return the car no matter what, so READ THE FINE PRINT.

You need to be more specific in your question. Return a car to a dealer, return a leased car, return a borrowed car to a friend, return a rental car?

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