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Can you return a new car after having it for one day?

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Returning a car

No, I tried and it isn't even covered by law. I bought a new 2005 base-line model car, financed it and drove it home. The next day I got one of those online quotes from another dealer for the same car + the special edition package and a lot more stuff than I got on mine for $2,500.00 less. And that was the first offer they gave me. So I called the dealership up and said I got laid-off and my down payment checks weren't going to go through and the payment wasn't going to be made. I even put a stop payment on my down payment check to see if that would help the finance company to not finance me. But nope everyone of the people I had to deal with just said I was S.O.L. and I needed to find a way to make the money. So as soon as you sign any paper work it is a done deal and you are s.o.l. Sorry for the bad news :)

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  • Yes once you sign the deal, in all those papers they kind of sneak in the 3 day right of recision waiver for you to sign and normally everyone does. lemon law would not apply unless you could actually prove it was a lemon. you would have gotten the lemon law guide lines some where in your paperwork when you bought the car. Owners manual sometimes in the glove compartment
  • You should be able to. either by using the lemon law or tell them you can't afford to make the payment.

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"Covered by Law" above refers to the buyers remorse laws. These laws give consumers limited rights to cancel certain types of contacts. Federal law (see Federal Trade Commission Cooling-Off Rule: gives three days to cancel certain purchases for door-to-door solicitations. State laws vary. For example, South Carolina requires five days to cancel a time-share contract. Unfortunately, there is no Federal or SC mandated buyers remorse for auto sales. Check with your state and check your contract.

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You may not be able to return a car the next day if it is not in your contract that you can. A contract is a legally binding agreement and the car dealer is not required to allow you to break it.

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No you can not return a new car in South Carolina.

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Yes, depending on the dealership, you should have a 15-30 day period to return the car.

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A 3 day new car return policy is a myth. Unless it says so in your contract, or your state has a 3 day return law, you are stuck with your new car for the terms that were agreed upon. The only exception is if under a lemon law, there is something majorly wrong with the car within the first 30 days or so many hundred miles.

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A used car can be returned the day after it is purchased in New Mexico if the dealer offers this advantage. Lemon Laws exist in New Mexico and a defective car can be returned the day after it is purchased with no problems.

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