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This like other major contracts and purchases, is subject to a 3-day right of refusal. Get back to the seller ASAP!!

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Q: Can you return a new car if purchased less than 24 hours ago?
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Can you return a used car to the dealer less than 24 hours?

Probably, your the one paying

Can you return a used car if purchased less than 24 hours ago?

READ YOUR CONTRACT!!! You will be in for the biggest headache of your life if you try and return it. The dealer will stonewall you and give you reasons why you can't bring it back. After all it is in the contract! Most contracts do not allow for "change of mind" as a reason for breaking the contract.

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yeah you can return it saying it was given as a damaged one and ask for replacement of new one.

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If the store has a clearly displayed "no returns or exchanges" policy displayed, they don't have to take it back.

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