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You won't be able to return the car, but, if you find enough evidence, and if the transaction wasn't that long ago, you may be able to bring litigation against the person who sold you the car.

Tampering with odometer readings is a federal offense.

Whether tampering is done by a backyard mechanic who resets the odometer before trading for a new car, by a person who buys a gadget to keep miles from registering on the odometer, by a dealer who contracts with a "reconditioning" firm, or by a multi-state used car mill, odometer tampering violates state and Federal Laws, and is punishable by fines, imprisonment or both.

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Q: Can you return a used car if you later find out through Carfax that there has been a possible odometer rollback?
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What can i do if my carfax report shows a rollback on the odometer because a mechanic performing the state inspection entered in the wrong mileage?

If your Carfax report shows a rollback on the odometer due to a mistake by the state inspector, try contacting where you had it inspected. If that is not feasible, contact the State and then Carfax.

1995 XR7 Odometer repair replace Analog with V8 Can it be taken apart and repaired or is the whole cluster changed Speedometer OK Odometer stopped. If done by shop does repair show up CarFax?

I had a 1993 Crown Vic that the odometer stopped working. I found out the government is very picky about messing around with it. You can replace it with a new one or a used one, but you must have a sticker put on the car, most of the time in the driver side door jam, that states that the odometer has been replaced, the mileage of the old odometer and the mileage of the new odometer. I found it was best to have a shop do this as they take care of the necessary red tape. (I know it is a little more costly, but in this case I felt the shop was the better way to go) It very well could show up on CarFax (some repair shops share data with Carfax - others don't). That is the type of thing that i would want to know if I was buying a car. If you do it yourself, there probably will not be a carfax report, unless you report it to them.

Who is able to access the information that is provided by Carfax?

Carfax allows one who is considering purchasing a vehicle to check the vehicle's registration and title information, currant odometer readings, accident history including frame and structural damage, and recall information.

What can i do if the state inspector entered in the wrong mileage on my car found out the carfax is showing a rollback and investigation confirms it was the state inspector error?

You will need to call the state inspectors office and file an official complaint.

What information is included in a Carfax report?

In a carfax report, almost everything about the car's history can be obtained. This includes former owners, odometer readings, any accidents the car was involved in, the usage of the vehicle (such as if it has ever been used as a taxi service or a rental car), recalls, and more.

How much is a CARFAX history report?

CARFAX reports are vehicle history reports. A CARFAX report costs $39.99. You can get 5 CARFAX reports for only $49.99. You can get unlimited CARFAX reports for only $54.99.

How do you find your car history?

The history of a car can be found through the online business called CARFAX. CARFAX simply requires basics information about the vehicle and will find records related to the past events of the vehicle.

Does carfax cost money?

Definitely! The last time I ran a carfax report, it was $34.99.

How can I check whether the odometer on a preowned vehicle has been tampered with?

It is easiest to check for odometer tampering if the odometer is not digital. Look at the numbers and see if they all line up at the top and bottom. Unless a number is about to change the line of numbers should be straight and they should not jiggle when tapped. Get a free CarFax Odometer Report and look for discrepancies that might appear on mileage, look at the cars title and service records and compare mileage, and see if the cars wear and tear matches with the mileage.

Does carfax show color of vehicle?

yes carfax does show the color of the vvechicle.

Can you get a discount carfax report on the internet?

I believe there are discounted carfax reports available online.

Carfax provides a free report of what?

Carfax provides a free report of the cars at the dealership you are willing to buy from. For more information on what a Carfax provides, check out their official website.

How can one get a Carfax report on a 1979 Pontiac Trans Am?

You can't. Carfax doesn't go back that far. Carfax is a joke anyway. Very few shops actually report to carfax and any work done by the owner isn't reported either.

What information does a free CARFAX Vehicle History Report cover?

CARFAX Vehicle History Reports offer the most trusted vehicle history information, such as: title information, flood damage history, total loss accident history, odometer readings, lemon history, number of owners, accident indicators, state emissions inspection, service records and other vehicle use.

How do you find the name of a car owner?

(in the US) Run a carfax on your car with the serial #. What is a carfax? I am from the UK.

What is a carfax and why is it that nobody wants to show it?

Carfax shows u the history of repairs and service of a car. If someone doesnt want to show u the carfax it means that they are either hiding something bad that happened to the car, or they simply dont want to pay for the carfax report.

How do you find a car that you use to own?

you can find it either through carfax,com or you can see thru the Department of Motor Vehicles.

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When can one apply for a Carfax vehicle report?

You can apply for a carfax vehicle report before making a purchase of a used vehicle. Any car dealership must have or produce a carfax report if and when asked by a consumer.

How can one get a free Carfax history report?

You can receive a free CARFAX history report by applying for one on the official CARFAX website. You can also ask for one when looking to purchase a used car at a major dealership.

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M. E. Bailey has written: ''CARFAX'' ''Carfax' traffic information service'

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