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First, remember all that paperwork you have, especially the one saying something like "Purchase Contract and Agreement", that has your signature (and probably initials also) in several places? Why not try looking at it to see what you agreed to about returns, condition, repairs?

Presuming no special dealer/seller return guarantee, lemon law claim, etc. You just don't want it, like it, think you can afford it, found a better deal, thought it was better than it is, found it was a used car with - believe it or not - troubles, neighbor got a better one, lost your job, kid threw up in it, whatever ---:

There is no time or limit for the return. There simply is no returning it or reneging on the sale. It's bought, it's yours. Done deal. You made a contract and deal, presumably because that's what you wanted to do then. Of course, the seller can't take it back because he wants to, or decide to charge you more, or now decide he really didn't want to give you those tires, and ask you to return them, for any other reason either. That's how contracts work. They are agreed to, the parties do what they say they will, they conclude. It's over.

Of course, you may now sell it back to the dealer or anyone else...(and you will likely get much less than you paid for it). That's the cost of having others act on your wishes and then changing your mind.

The car isn't returnable and if purchased "as is", there really isn't anyone else responsible to fix it. (Except under extreme "lemon law" situations, generally where opportunity to fix must have been given to the dealer several times). However, sometimes, even if purchased "as is" the problem may be resolvable with the dealer, as a good faith or customer accomadation easily. But it isn't going to be returnable.

And if like others asking this before you, your thinking you'll just outsmart the process and just drop it off at the dealer, perhaps you should think it through more: You will probably end up with towing and storage fees to pay when you have to come claim it. Which will probably be after the police contact you because they have towed it. (Imagine the same thing except you left it at an entirely different dealership, or a boat dealer or such). In many cases, even at the same dealer you bought it from, they handle so many cars, different sales people at different times, they won't recognize any particular one as one they may use to have on the lot, nor should that make any difference to them is just one left on the street or interferring with their business - or think it's there for service or such. If it isn't interfering with the biz, say just parked legally on the street , they have no right to touch it. Because, it yours, not theirs!

It is the same as abandoning your vehicle on anyones property.

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Q: Can you return a used car purchased from a dealer without the title?
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Can you return a used car in the state of Indiana if you decide you do not want it?

There is no return law on a vehicle purchased in Indiana or any other state. You bought it and you own it. The only way you legally can return it in Indiana is if the dealer does not provide you with a title in 21 days. You then must demand the title in writing and the dealer has another 10 days to supply you with the title. If you do not get it after that time period you can return the car and demand a refund.

If the dealer sold car without a title can dealer be forced to return money?

yeah. beat him dwn. or take your case to a lawyer and get more $$$$ with sue

If a car is purchased from dealer and dealer doesn't forward title to lenderCan lender accelerate the loan if no title is sent to them by the dealer?

You probably signed something saying that you would get the title to the lender so I believe that they can accelerate the loan. It shouldn't be hard for you to get a duplicate title if the title is lost.

You bought a car and the dealer didn't tell you it had a salvage title?

Did you get or see a title when you purchased the car? If the dealer knowingly sold you a salvage vehicle without full disclosure, ask for a refund or threaten legal action. It's illegal not to disclose such info. This is not the case for a private seller.

Purchased new in 2006 and had dispute with the dealership.Vehicle never titled.I traded for 2007 the new dealer sold 2006 without a title says I must get title or get sued. Am I responsible for title?

You are responsible for the title because you were the one that traded the car. You say the vehicle was never titled. Go to the DMV with the vin number and see if the car was titled and you did receive. If it was then apply for a lost title. If it was never titled you will have to go back to the dealer where it was bought and get them to process the paperwork for the title.

Can you sell your used car without a title to junk dealer in Rockford il?


If you purchased a car from the dealer with a cashiers check that turns out to be fake what can you do if you have the title - do you need a lawyer?

If you dont have one, the court will appoint one for you. The title will prolly be the lesser of your worries.

Can you return a car to the dealer if you haven't received a title for it?

Yes and if it's financed it's called a repo. And that is not good.

Can you return a car if the state refuses to issue a title on the car you purchased from a used car dealer because there are multiple VIN numbers on the car?

Your state's attorney general or your County Attorney would probably have the best answer for you. Hopefully, you did not pay in full for the car.

What is the penalty for a car dealer selling a car without a title?

He cannot sell a car without a title and it is illegal. The penalty varies from state to state. Who in their right mind would buy a car when the seller does not have a title to the vehicle?

Where does one purchase motorcycle trailers in Indiana?

When you are purchasing a vehicle, you should confirm the location and possession of the vehicle's title. If you have purchased the vehicle from a dealer, and have made all required initial payments, the dealer is required to deliver the title to you within 21 days of the date of the sale. If the dealer cannot deliver the title at the time of sale, you may request a 21-day affidavit from the BMV which the dealer is required to sign stating that he or she will deliver the title for the vehicle to you within 21 days of the date of sale.

What are your rights if you bought a used car from a dealer that did not have the title until a month after the purchase?

The dealer has to give you the title right away. If you have it now, there's not much you can do. You have the title. But before you got it, you could have returned the car as far as I know. I would have the title ran and check to see if it's a stolen car or anything. If it is, you can return the car and get your money back.

Do you pay sales tax on a used car at the dealer or BMV in OH?

If you purchased the car from a dealer, the dealer is REQUIRED by state law to collect the sales tax amount. If you purchased from an individual, the only you have to pay your sales tax is to pay it at the title office, which is most cases, is separate from the BMV. Hope this helps!!

Can title insurance be purchased after the closing?

If title insurance is not purchased at closing, then it can be purchased later. Generally a title insurance policy can be issued within 14 days of the closing.

How do you register a newly purchased car without a title?

You need a signed bill of sale from the previous owner.

Can a dealer you are purchasing from sell to you if you have lost your title?

Answer: I take it you are talking about a trade in. You or the dealer will have to apply for a lost title.. simple.

You bought a car from a small dealer who purchased the car from an auction house The owner from the small dealer has passed away and you have never received the title now the title has been turned ove?

If you have the paperwork showing that you paid for the vehicle you should be able to go directly to the Department of Motor Vehicles or whatever it's called in your state, and petition for the title. Altenatively, if they trustee refuses to provide title, you can sue to get your money back from the estate.

How do you unlock stereo in 2000 Chevy Silverado?

you have to have the unlock code supplied with the truck from the dealer when it was purchased new. Or drive to a dealer with your title, showing that it's legally yours, pay a fee, and they can research it for you. Next time, don't unhook the battery

Can a dealer sell a car without providing a memorandum?

Yes, you do not need a memorandum to sell a car. You need a title and a bill of sale.

Where can you buy a car without a social security number?

You can buy a car without a social security number if you purchase it from a private dealer rather than from a car lot. The car lot dealer has to present it legally in order to transfer the title, a private owner does not.

How do you get a title when the owner is in jail and you have purchased the car but can't get a title?

You can file for a lost title if you can not get the title from the person that is in jail.

Will a warranty of clean title from a dealer protect you if the actual title is not at hand?


How long can you drive a vehicle without tags in Arkansas after the title has been signed over to you?

30 days, I believe (with temporary tags from Dealer)

Who pays tax title and license you or dealer?

You do, the dealer may roll it into the price,but ultimately you do

What if you purchased a car from a friend without getting the title or having it in writing and they now want it back?

If you've not got a Bill of Sale, Registration or proof of Clear Title... give the car back.

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