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no you can not return a used car if they charge you $2000. The reason is that you should have asked about everything including that $2000. If you signed a contract on it then there is no way you can prove that they charged you for something that you didnt know about.

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How do I fix the calipers on my brakes?

I suggest finding a dealer in your area or checking a phone book, many people will charge you for this much info and step by step directions. I suggest calling a boat dealer or to find books with this info.

Does CarMax have any used BMW x3s for sale?

Car Max dose have BMW x3s for sale. About 109 of them were found all ranging from the prices of 20,000 dollars. Price for used vehicles excludes tax, title and tags, but includes $99 dealer processing charge, and for new vehicles includes freight charge, but excludes tax, title, tags and $99 dealer processing charge.

Where can you dispose of Kennedy silver dollars and Half dollars?

Take the to the bank or to a coin dealer.

What is a casino dealer?

A person who in charge of a game in a casino.

What is a general rule for finding the value of something?

Have it appraised by a knowledgeable dealer.

Do car auctions charge sales tax?

No the auctual auction does not charge tax, they get a fee of the total price, but once a dealer sells that car that dealer has to pay taxes on that vehicle.

Where is drew el cajon ca?

he was found in newyork but he explained that he was kicked out of home and is now a drug dealer

Can a used car dealer charge you twice for taxes on a car?

He can charge you anything you allow him to charge. If you feel you are getting ripped off just walk away. You control this and do not allow the dealer to pressure you into some deal you know is not right.

How much does timing repair cost in a harley Davidson?

Setting ignition timing on a Harley is fairly simple. The cost of a timing light would be far less than a dealer would charge to do it for you. They start at around thirty dollars. Once you have your own timing light you'll never again have to pay a dealer to set your ignition timing. But if I had to guess what a dealer would charge, I'd say about an hour's labor (it doesn't take that long, though).

How much Mitsubishi dealer charge for car diagnostic?


Is dealer required to notify you they will charge storage fees?


How much does it cost to replace a temperature sensor?

14.50 dollars at the dealer

What will a dealer give you for silver quarters?

looking for value of silver dollars

How do you enter a radio code for a BMW 318ti?

at no charge, the dealer can give it to you or do it

Does dealer have right to charge up front to use the diagnostic machine first?

If you are out of warranty, yes. The dealer does not have to provide free estimates.

What happens when a used dealer sells you a recall car?

If it has recalls you can take it to a new car dealer for that make and have the recalls completed at no charge.

Will a cellular phone dealer charge you more then a provider will charge you for a phone?

There is usually not a cost difference between the provider and the dealer. Check both places before placing an order. Yes, a cell phone dealer will charge more than a cell provider. This is because with a cell provider you will likely sign or be on a contract with them where they will make the full price of the phone eventually.

What does a car dealer charge to service a car?

They charge the car services and the replacements of the parts of a car. It depends on the car, the type of service (major, minor, periodical) and whether the service is being done by a main dealer or not.

What Jobs earn 75000 dollars plus per year?

Poker Dealer

Which of these best describes the invoice price of a vehicle?

the manufactures initial charge to the dealer

If the dealer says a new car had light body damage and was repaired can they still charge sticker price?

They can charge whatever they want.

Does john deere charge a restocking charge for items returned?

This question really has a variant of answers. It depends on your John Deere dealer. Some will charge a restocking fee on items, especially parts, to cover the cost of returning those unused parts. Some won't charge for return parts, so you just need to contact your dealer.

If a new car is purchased in NV from a dealer and you want it shipped to CA to a dealer here how much would it cost?

It would be about $200 - $2000 dollars

How much is a trailing arm for a Nissan Pathfiner?

170 dollars from a dealer, 110 from lordco, or just bushes 30 each from dealer or 22 on line

Can a dealer charge 250.00 when you never took the truck home?

A dealer can charge a restocking fee if a truck is driven off the car lot, and returned within a few hours or a few days. Actually, $250.00 is cheaper than most car or truck dealers would charge for this service.