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Yes you can if you have the receit

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Q: Can you return car after you buy from a private seller Can you return the car after?
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Can you return a car bought from a private seller in CA?

Depends on the private seller.

Can you return a car to a private seller?

was there a guarantee or was it sold as is?

How long after a car sale can a private party buyer return the car?

After a car sale, a private party can return the car within thirty days. This return policy is dependent on the individual seller.

Can you return a used car purchased 20 months ago from a private seller after discovering it had previously been wrecked?

No.... The time to check a car out is before you buy. Unless otherwise agreed to a purchase from a private seller is typically AS IS so buyer beware.

Do you pay sales tax when you buy a car from a private seller in Michigan?


Where can you buy a 1998 and up camaro z28?

In a used car yard or private seller, or a car collector

Can a 17 year old buy a car from a private seller that has mechnical problems get there money back after the car is totaled?


Can you buy a car and turn around and lease it?

you can for a private seller but if you buy multiple car's and lease them it would be illegal unless you have a dealer license.

Is it a good idea to buy a car in Illinois from a private seller if he doesn't have a car title or a car registration?

no, the car could b stolen

Where can you get a car?

online, car dealership or a private seller!

Where to buy car with no AZ sales tax?

Any private seller would save you the sales tax

Do you pay sales tax if you buy a car from a private seller but the car is in a business name?

yes, you always pay matter what.

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