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You cannot return a car when it came from a car inpound because that is one of the rules of buying a car to them.

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Q: Can you return your car you brought from a car inpound?
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What is a Lien Fee for on Impounded Car?

what is a lien fee when your car is inpound

Is neon light under car allowed in Oregon?

no neon lights are not allowed in oregon unless u can afford to get your car out of inpound

How can you get your repo car back?

You much go to the inpound lot and pay a fee to get the car back and if it is in there again for the same reason you will not get it back ever.

How many ounces inpound?


Can they still tow your car if you try to move it before they actually hitch your car to their truck?

yes, if they did not hook up they can't tow it. unless police told them to tow. but if it'sa inpound no

How much does it cost to take a car out of inpound in New Mexico?

It will depend on local towing, impound and storage fees. You should contact the agency that did the impound for information.

How can i return a car that was brought as is?

I dont know that you can i would recommend just selling it for a set price or best offer

Can you get help paying to get your car out of inpound for free?

This question contradicts itself. A car cannot be removed from the impound for free. Assistance in paying for the removal of the vehicle from impound could be received by the city's department of human services.

You live in Georgia and brought a new car how long do you have to return it?

Once a contract has been entered for a new car in Georgia an owner cannot return the car. However, many dealerships will work with consumers and allow vehicles to be returned within a few days.

In Washington state how long do you have to return a car?

You need to be more specific in your question. Return a car to a dealer, return a leased car, return a borrowed car to a friend, return a rental car?

If the car dealer misleads you car you return a used car?

No, you can not return the car.

Can I return a new car in Maine?

Return a car

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