Can you ride on the back of a flamingo?

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flamingos are so small that if you sit on one, you will most likely crush every bone in its body and it will die within two seconds unless if you mutate it....

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What is a flamingo?

A flamingo is a long legged pink feathered wading bird of Africa.It has a large down turned beak for sifting shallow lakes for shellfish etc which maintains the pink plumage. The broad pink wingshave black wing tips. There was also an aircraft of the 1930s called the De Havilland(UK) Flamingo. It wa ( Full Answer )

Is horse-back riding dangerous?

Like any other sport, yes it is dangerous. You could fall off and be killed instantly or you could get kicked in the head on the ground and have the same result. There are obviously some precautions to be taken. First of all, WEAR A HELMET. It doesn't matter how old or experienced you are, you shoul ( Full Answer )

How do you horse back ride?

Horseback riding is not exactly something you can learn just by reading an answer. First, you have to enroll in lessons at a local barn or stable. Then, once you start, you'll steadily improve your skills the longer you ride, the frequency you ride, and how hard you try to learn. Obviously, those ar ( Full Answer )

In Western Riding what is a Roll-back?

A rollback is where a horse spins so that it is facing the other way. It requires very little room to do this. If it can stand comfortably, it can rollback. This is not the same as a pirouette in English riding because the horse does not 'spin'.

How did they invent horse back-riding?

Im Sure Its Probably As Soon As They Trained And Domesticated Wild Horses And When Horses Started To Trust People. That Could Of Been Millions Of Years Ago.. Who Knows!!!

Can a child ride on the back of a scooter?

In some countries it might be illegal to have a child ride on theback of the scooter. You should be sure this is legal if you planto do this.

Where is Back To The Future The Ride?

unforchunatly, the back to the future ride was discontinued in 2007. However, you can watch it on youtube ( the one by century3horizonsis the best ;)

Benefits of horse back riding?

horses are amazing animals. We ride horses because it is fun, relaxing and theraputic. It is also used for disabled and blind people, it can almost give that walking ability back to people who can't walk. I have had some very traumatic things that have happened in my life, if it wern't for horse rid ( Full Answer )

What is the history of horse back riding?

the first people to sit on the back of a horse were stoneage people. They saw horses as things to get around on as well as eat. Horses were a form of transport by pulling and carrying things and people. They were also used as farm animals for ploughing feilds. If it wasn't for horses transport would ( Full Answer )

How do you get ride of back acne?

It depends on what type of acne you have on your back - do you have mostly noninflamed bumps or are they red and inflamed? If they are noninflamed, try a strong exfoliant - use a scrub and strong AHA like glycolic or mandelic. If they are inflamed use a strong benzoyl peroxide - leave it on al ( Full Answer )

What is the definition of horse back riding?

hmm... I'll try my best to explain. The definition is - to ride a horse. This being to sit on their back, and ride and control the horse. The back being -horse BACK riding. When I say riding I mean to get the horse to move to your will. Such as turn when you want it to turn. :) hope this helps somew ( Full Answer )

Will Back to the Future the ride ever be back?

It is not exactly sure yet. Back To The Future is my favorite ride. There is a rumor Universal Studios is gonna rebuild it in 2015... But that would not make sense cuz you go to 2015 on the ride. I sent Universal Studios an Email... I hop Back to The Future gets rebuilt if it doesn't I'm gonna rebui ( Full Answer )

What is the saying a witch riding your back?

It is a common name for sleep paralysis, a type of nightmare thattakes place in low level REM sleep. A person's body is asleep, yettheir brain is awake enough to perceive their surroundings. Thisexplains why a person's body has the sensation of being heavy orimmovable, almost as if something is sitt ( Full Answer )

Why did horse back riding start?

Once you domesticate an animal, the next step is to either raise it as food, or to use it for work. Horses are faster transportation than walking.

How do you get your binpet to ride on your back?

Jump loads and your binpet will copy jump and wave until it has 5 expirence then check your basic moves and it will have the jump on icon click that loads of time and it should jump on

Can you ride in back of truck in Kansas?

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, Kansas law states that it is illegal for people under the age of 14 to ride in truck beds, unless they are participating in a parade or using the truck bed for employment purposes. The specifics of this law came about with the passage of the K ( Full Answer )

What types of horse back riding are there?

So many that it would be hard to name them all. Lets break it down by the 2 main catagories. Western riding can include-Cutting, reining, gymkana, western pleasure and equitation, trail riding to name just a few. English riders have plenty to choose from-Hunters, Jumpers, Dressage, English Pleasure ( Full Answer )

Can you ride in back box truck?

Not on public roads you can't. The government got fed up with people being ejected out of the back in a car crash or falling off the sides, causing nasty deaths. So pay the ticket.

What rides is there at flamingo land?

Kumaili Log flume Mumbo Jumbo Navigator Cliff hanger Frog hopper Swings Velocity Pirate ship Flip Flop Wild mouse Merry go round. And lots lots more, Check them out on flamingo land website! :DD

Where does horse back riding come from?

The Cortez brought horses over to the Mayans, but I don't know where it came from. Cortez conquered the Mayans while charging on a horse.

How do you get a license for bare back riding?

I've never heard of having to need a licence. I've been riding almost twenty year and spend the majority of that time bareback and I don't have any kind of licence.

What do you put on a horses back when you ride it?

You put on a saddle. You would also put on a saddle pad, bridle and any other things that that horse would need (example: splint boots, bell boots, polo wraps, crouper, martingale, ect.).

How is horse back riding exciting?

Horses are not for everyone. But for us that love them and have made them our advocation there is nothing better than spending time with a horse. The thrill of riding is hard to explain, it must be experienced first hand to understand. But for these magnificent animals we sacrafice much so we are ab ( Full Answer )

Can a man ride dog back?

No, a man cannot ride on a dogs back, their backs are not strong enough. Try a horse.

Is horse back riding a workout?

Well its a workout for the horse not for you Actually, it is a workout for both the horse and the rider. If you ever ride a horse you will see what I mean. You work with balance, and so many things you don't even notice. And of course, the horse is working too.

Can you ride on a dog back?

Yes You can. Dogs like St.Bernards, Great Danes, and Newfoundlands can carry you on their backs! You just swing your leg over their back and stand over them til their comfortable with this then slowly start adding your weight to the back. Next get the dog to just walk with you adding light weight to ( Full Answer )

What is a witch riding your back?

First answer I heard it's called lumbago or Hexenschuss (a witch's shot) inGerman. That name fits it perfectly. That is to say, it's strainedback, a witch riding on it. Second answer It is a common name for sleep paralysis, a type of nightmare thattakes place in low level REM sleep. A person's ( Full Answer )

How is horse-back riding dangerous?

If you pay attention, do not goof off, listen carefully, your safe! If you have a "relationship" with your horse, your safe! Did you know that the Arab horse, after he trust's you, he'll even die for you? Riding is as dangerous as something you do every day... Did you ever think about this, every da ( Full Answer )

Can dogs ride in back of trucks?

Can they physically: Yes Should they: Not really. They can jump out. In a collision they can be really hurt. Is it legal: It depends on what state you are in. It has been made a ticketable or criminal offense in many US states.

Where do you horse back ride?

you can go horse back riding down a long dirt road. in ur back yard. down trails. basically anywhere

Where was horse back riding invented?

It was invented when horses were first used for riding to make travel easier. I think that took place in North America.

Are flamingo land rides scary?

Some are scary at first but then you get used to them and want to go on them again! So don't worry about it and just have a good time:-)

How do you bare back ride?

First take of the saddle! then get on with a step stool. Slightly squeeze your legs if you have trouble balancing. Keep your hands and reigns on your horses withers. (when trotting,squeeze your legs and sit tall keeping your weight on your "be-hind")

Is horse riding good for your back?

Actully it depands how much riding you do. If just a litle walk yes if you keep your back straight. If a big ride not quite so much.

What is saddleseat horse back riding?

Saddleseat riding is a all American form of riding. It's designed to show off the 'saddle' breeds like Saddlebred, Morgans, Arabians, and National Show Horses that have higher elevated paces. The saddles called "Lane Fox saddles" Are cut back from the withers and shoulders to allow freedom of moveme ( Full Answer )

What can flamingos do?

FLAMINGOS can eat so diff. from humans. They can fly which is also what a human cant do either.

How did they invent horse back riding?

We have evidence that a horse was ridden in Dereivka, 6,000 years ago. His body was found buried with other items in a ritualistic way and the wear on his teeth suggested a bit had been in his mouth for around 300 hours .

How do you play horse back riding?

you get on someones back and they stand up ran run or walk whatever u want just tell whoever is giving u a horseback ride

What happens if a which rides your back?

you are going to be pulled down agents your bed and not be able to move you are not going to be able to move your arms chest and legs you are going to have scratches on your back. see when a which rides your back that's a demon trying to tack your sole and pull it down to hell and when you talk no o ( Full Answer )

What is western horse back riding?

Western horseback riding is a specific discipline within equestrian sports. The style is characterized by a large, wide saddle with a moderately prominent cantle and a horn; the stirrups are set lower as compared to English riding styles. The horse's gait should be slow and smooth - there is no post ( Full Answer )

How old do you have to be to horse back ride?

Fairly sure there isn't a limit. Logic will hopefully stop you from putting a baby on a horse and walking off. If a small child is riding make sure a professional is nearby to assist. To add to the very good answer above. Typically most lesson and trail barns require that a child be at least 7 ye ( Full Answer )

House back riding in the The Giver?

I have never even thought of riding a house, I imagine the roofwould be rather hard and uncomfortable and no matter how generousthe giver was they wold not be able to give me enough to do it.