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A home circuit for a clothes dryer is 30 amps. This means that the breaker feeding the circuit must be rated at 30 amps. A # 10 copper conductor with an insulation factor of 90 degrees C is rated at 30 amps.

So to answer the first part of your question about the breaker the answer is no, the breaker must be changed to a 30 amp breaker.

The receptacle configuration of the 50 amp receptacle will not fit the four pin cord that comes complete with a new dryer. So the 50 amp receptacle can not be used.

If the 50 amp circuit is in a older home then the feeder cable might not have enough conductors in it. New dryer cable requires three current carrying conductors with a ground conductor also in the cable set. If the existing cable has three current carrying conductors and a ground then it can be used. The cable could be a # 6 depending on what was plugged into the old 50 amp receptacle.

Older set ups grounded the neutral conductor of the cable set to the frame of the dryer there by using the neutral return conductor as a ground conductor.

The electrical code has changed and this is not allowed any more and states that the ground wire has to be a separate conductor and it connects the frame of the dryer directly to the ground bus on the electrical distribution panelboard. Hence the new four pin plug that comes with every new dryer and the need of a new four pin wall receptacle.

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Q: Can you run a new 30A dryer on a 50A receptacle and breaker by using the old 50A dryer's cord?
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What is the amperage for a clothes dryer?

A clothes dryer is fed from a 2 pole 30 amp breaker using 3 conductor #10 wire.

What size breaker for 240V plug dryer?

30 amp using AWG #10 wire.

How do I convert from a gas dryer 120V hook-up to an electric dryer 240V hook-up?

You'll have to run completely new wire (size 10/3 copper) from a 30amp double-pole breaker and install a new type of receptacle at the machine. It can be done yourself if you have some wiring experience. If not, leave it to a pro. The most important part is using the correct size wire and breaker.

Can you run two laundry dryers on one 220 circuit?

No you can only have one dryer on a 240v circuit and nothing else can be attached to it either considering your using a 240v electric dryer

What size wire would be used for bedroom receptacle?

Usualy 14 guage if you're using a 15 amp breaker. If you use a 20 amp breaker you can use a 12 guage wire.

What is the advantage of using condenser dryers?

The advantage of using a condenser dryer is that it does not need much electricity to operate and does not use up gas the way natural - gas vented dryers do. The water that is taken from the clothes can be used for other purposes. It takes up less space because there is no need for a vent.

What are the benefits of using Ionic hair dryers?

Ionic hair dryers employ negatively charged ions that break down wet water into molecules and reduce them to a fraction of their size. The benefits of using an ionic hair dryer include that it works much better and it dries hair much faster.

What voltage do the two 1300 W hair dryers need if they are operated on a 15 A circuit breaker?

240 volts. Using ohms law, at 240 volts, two 1300 watt hair dryers would draw a maximum of ~10.83 amps.

How can I install a 110 receptacle alongside a 220 receptacle using the 220 receptacle wires for power?

While you can physically do this it violates the Electrical Code. 110 Volt and 220 Volt receptacles are required by the Electrical Code to be on separate breakers for safety reasons, this would put them on the same 220 Volt breaker.

Why would a new dryer on 2 15A breakers keep tripping one after 30 or 40 minutes?

Electric dryers typically are 220 volts and need a 30 amp, 2-pole circuit breaker. A 15 amp breaker would quickly trip if overloaded with a dryer. You may need a wiring upgrade (to 10 gauge) and a new 2-pole breaker for 30 Amps. You should also not be using two separate breakers for one 220 volt circuit; they should be either one unit or two that have their handles mechanically connected together. Hire an electrician.

Can you use a both 15 and 20 amp on the same circuit?

No. Also it would be a moot point using a 20 amp receptacle because the breaker protecting the circuit will only be a 15 amp. If you use a 20 amp breaker then make sure that the wire size is #12 and that you remove the 15 amp receptacle from the circuit as it will be not rated for the new 20 amp current.

Why does an Asko Washer Dryer Combo trip the breaker?

The USA Asko combo series runs on 110V, which is unusual for a clothes dryer. A USA dryer usually runs on 220V and has its own dedicated circuit breaker, but the Asko can run on a standard household outlet which probably shares a breaker with other outlets in the house. A clothes dryer takes a lot of current. According to the specs on most Asko combos I looked at online, your unit probably uses close to the maximum current your breaker can handle. If you are using other electrical devices at the same time, you will blow the circuit. It may even be the use of overhead lighting if it shares the same breaker. One more thing on Asko: According to many of the online reviews, the 110V combos have a tendancy to have overheating problems in the wiring when using both washer and dryer simultaneously. I would suspect that this is due to not cleaning the lint screens, so be diligent. A dirty lint screen causes the dryer to work extra hard and draw more current.

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