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Yes.. As long as no part of the cover can get sucked into your skimmer box and block it. Ensure the cover does not protrude into the skimmer box area and it will be fine.

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Can you run a pool filter with a solar cover on?

Yes, so long as there is water getting to the filter it wont do any harm to have the cover on.

Can you leave your pool top cover on and run your pump?

I have done this with my solar cover without any trouble

What do you need to winterize a saltwater pool?

Run pool filter and pump for 1 hour, to allow chemicals to circulate. Drain the water to skimmer level. Install the pool cover and secure it by tie downs or water bags. Set the pool filter to winter button and if it does not have one keep it to neutral. Open the filter and allow draining out of water and leave the cover open to let moisture evaporate.Plug off and drain the pump, and suck out the remaining water.

How long should pool filter run?

i have a intex pool 12x 30 uses filter size A how long should i run the filter for

Should you leave the pump running when you add muriatic acid to your pool?

Yes, you should leave it on. This way the acid will be run through the filter.

When do you put in an automatic pool cleaner?

Anytime you want to put it in. I leave mine in over the winter, under the pool cover, and ocassionally run it.

Do you leave filter pump on while shocking your pool or?

Yes, you should run the pump when you add chemicals to your water,

Should you run the filter after adding acid to a pool?

Run the filter when adding any chemical to the pool. It needs to circulate to do its job.

Can you run your pool filter with a solar cover on it?

As I read your question - - - you want to put a solar cover over the filter. If you actually mean can you put the solar cover on the pool surface and run the filter and pump too. BTW, the filter does not move the water, the PUMP moves the water. The pump is the only piece of equipment that you would be used to run th ewater thru the filter. The pump is like the heart of the equipment pad. Then yes you can do both. The solar cover when installed as it should be - on the water - has no signifigence with regard to the filter ( the large tank). The purpose of running the pump either with the cover on or off would be to move or circulate the water. With a solar cover on the surface of the water - only the top two feet of the water is warmed. The rest of the pool remains cooler. Circulating the water would move that warm water and mix it with the cooler water. Think about it.

Does an above ground pool with a blue solar cover on heat faster with the pool filter and pump on or off?

i thaught it was to keep the heat in, so run the pump duiring the day with cover off and then cover the pool at night to keep the heat in the pool . the pump heats water by moving it. friction..pool pump repair guy in longwood fl

Why doesn't the pool filter run?

Pool filters do not get cloged the pump is the problem

How do you lower the chlorine level in your swimming pool?

I take the pool cover off, sun depletes chlorine, also run your filter for about 2 hours a day. Well, certainly running your pump/filter 2 hours per day would bring on the "greenies" in a hurry. It is obsurd to run the filter for only 2 hrs per day unless you had a very small wading pool. 6 to 10 hrs would be the minimum run time. I'd hate to see how clear or sanitary the above persons pool was even after the 2 hr filter run time. Not gonna happen. You will never have a clear as crystal pool water even if you never used the pool. Total bunk on the filter run time.

Is it better to run the pool filter when being used?

NO, it is not because if there was a short in the filter and you were in the pool u would get eletricuted and get very hert of die, so run it when no one is in it

I have a 33 foot pool with 28000 gal. of water. Does the pool pump have to run all the time?

No. Leave your filter running at least 8 hours per day, longer if your pool appears cloudy.

Do you have to run the pool filter 24 hours daily?

As far as I know you run the pool filter daily between 8 - 10 hours depending on the size of your pool. This should be enough time for adequate filtration

How do you vacuum your pool with a Hayward sand filter?

If you are using a pool vacuum on an extendable rod just plug the hose into the vacuum plate over the leaf basket behind the static skimmer. Leave the sand filter setting on filter and just run the vac over the pool floor the same as you would a home vacuum cleaner.

Do you need to run your pool filter if its not being used?

Yes you should run your pool at least 12 hours a day.

Should an ingound pool filter be run at the same time as a pool heater or can you just run the heater alone?

Heaters are usually plumbed in after the filter. The pool filter/pump is what circulates the heated water. Ans: The heater will not work or fire if the pump is not running.

Do you leave your swimming pool motor on during the night?

It's a two part answer. 1) you have to filter your pool........This can be be done by day or nightl as long as you filter 100% of you water once a day or night, that's good 2) Now you know about #1 above, many filter during the night....and they run it that way so they can run it thru a fountain......as it will cool the pool up to 15 degrees over night.

Can you run a DE filter without DE while the pool cover is still on?

No, The D.E. is used to trap dirt paraticles, all you will do is clog the ropes inside the filter, then you will tear the filter down and soak the ropes with muratic acid for at least 24 hours.And put the filter back together and run it with the D.E.

What should you do if your pool is cloudy?

Wack a load of chlorine in it, pronto! This is the beginning of bacteria about to breed at an exponential rate. Leave the pool for a few days and then run the pump and filter until it clears. You have some residue on the pool floor which will need removing.

When adding aluminum sulphate to swimming pool should the filter be running?

Add the aluminum sulphate to the pool. Run the filter for two hours. Wait overnight to vacuum the bottom of the pool.

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