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NO water must stay in you pool at all times.

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Q: Can you safely drain your above ground pool during winter?
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Hedgehogs live above ground, and are generally nocturnal. They hibernate during winter.

Why should you disassemble an above ground pool during winter?

Not all above ground pools have to be disassembled during winter, although it is a good idea to drain them. Water expands when it freezes, and if the water is trapped in a closed container or in a crack, the expansion can break the container or the material surrounding it. Pipes often break, when water inside them freezes.

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Can you safely spray paint the outside of a above ground pool?

Just more for husband bought an above ground pool that has sea animals all over it. I don't like the look of an above ground pool to begin with. I was hoping to make it a little prettier.

Can you leave your steps in your above ground pool all winter?

Only if you want to die.

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How to start up an above ground pool that had no winter covering?

help me get in the pool to clean when it is too cold.

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