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Can you safely sedate your dog with benadryl before going to the groomers?

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You really need to talk with your veterinarian and your groomer about this. In some dogs, Benadryl can have the side effect of causing drowsiness or sleepiness, but it isn't a true sedation; Benadryl is actually an anti-histamine that dampens down allergic reactions.

Your veterinarian can talk with you about the different true sedations available (all of which require a veterinarian prescription, incidentally) as well as the potential problems with administering it to your dog. Your groomer needs to be in the conversation as well, particularly if the grooming site does not have a veterinary clinic on site or at hand to deal with any potential side effects (such as a bad slide from sedated to aware).

A better long-term option is to work with your dog and a professional trainer who has experience desensitizing dogs to acclimate your dog to the grooming location and process. You may also want to check out a different groomer and see if your dog has as bad a time there as he did at the last place.

2013-03-05 15:28:35
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Q: Can you safely sedate your dog with benadryl before going to the groomers?
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Benadryl cannot be used along with Phenobarbital. If your dog needs an Antihistamine or something to sedate him, you'd need to contact your vet's office.

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1mg per pound of body weight, so if your dog is 25 lbs give him/her 25mg of Benadryl. Make sure it is ONLY Benadryl (Diphenhydramine) without any other combination of medicine in it.

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If a pet is found to be too difficult or aggressive to groom by a groomer, they usually will sedate the pet with the watchful eye of a vet or vet tech. If your pet does require sedation to be groomed, talk with your vet as they usually have a groomer they call upon who will groom your pet (dog or cat) whilst it is sedated. Never trust a groomer who will sedate your pet outside of a vet clinic.

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Myself and the vets cant get drops in my rhodesian ridgebacks ears so he has to be sedated at a massive insurance cost which stops in Aug. Can i get tablets to semi sedate him?

You can give him benadryl,call your vet for the right dose.

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Need to sedate 35 pound dog with Benadryl?

Benadryl is not a sedative, so this isn't going to work. Benadryl (diphenhydramine) is an anti-histamine with a mild side effect of drowsiness. However, not all dogs show this side effect, and giving more drug may not increase the apparent sedation. Benadryl in high doses can be toxic, so you can't increase the amount to get the drowsiness you want. If your dog needs sedation, you should speak with your veterinarian - there are several generic drugs that can be prescribed for this on an "as-needed" basis that will give you a much better sedation for a similar price.

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