Can you say no to a workmen's comp nurse requesting to go with you to the next doctor's visit?

Your doctor's word and reports to WCB should be good enough, and say "NO!" She has a right to contact your doctor on reports and discussions about your case only related to the injury you have and nothing more! I would suggest that you speak with your doctor about this and you can do this over the phone. His office ass't may even know.

You can also go onto www.Workmen's Compensation Board in the State of ________ and get all the information and rules and regulations you want. I suggest you do this before you ruffle this gal's feathers.

Good luck Marcy

Yes, because of the protection of HIPAA laws. However, unless the physician is approved by the WCI provider the claim can be legally denied if sufficient supportable evidence of injury is not provided.

In other words, a visit to the neighborhood chiropractor is not going to be deemed adequate medical proof for establishing a valid claim.


Short answer: no, but be sure to express in front of her, to the doctor, the amount of pain you are experiencing and any effects of the drugs you may be taking, etc. etc.

She is just there to record and "move the process" possibly to a new doctor. In my case, the nurse only attended one of these appointments.


In Washington State you must comply with the Nurse Case Manager assigned to your claim. If not this is considered being "non compliant" and benefits can be suspended.