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Can you see a constellation when the sun is out?


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The sun's light makes the stars fade from view... since constellations are made up from patterns of stars, the answer is no - BUT they're still there in the sky - we just can't see them. In fact - the stars that are in the sky during the day, are the ones we see at night 6 months later.


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we can see because there is no sun at night

The relative position (direction, actually) of a constellation and the Sun changes, due to Earth's orbit around the Sun. Thus, at one moment the Sun might be in a certain constellation; half a year later, the Sun will be in a constellation opposite in the sky.

No. Each star in a constellation is a separate 'sun' all its own.

Mostly, you can't. The classical astrological signs are "Sun Signs"; that is the constellation that the Sun WAS in about 2500 years ago. Because of the "precession of the equinoxes", the Sun is actually one zodiac sign earlier now; during Cancer, the Sun is actually in the constellation of Gemini. But even so, at the beginning of July, the constellation Cancer is very low in the western sky at sunset; since none of the Cancer stars are especially bright, you probably won't see it.

You can see your zodiac constellation at any time of year. When the Earth moves, the stars will align in such a way as to reflect the zodiac paradigm. Thus, your sign is born. It also depends on whenever your birthdate is. Mine is in April, so I sometimes see Taurus at that time.Comment: That seems unlikely because there are times of the year when you can't see your zodiac constellation. That's simply because the Sun is "in" theconstellation around your birthday. That means the Sun appears where the constellation is in the sky and the stars in it aren't visible, because it's daytime.

No. A constellation is a group of stars that appear to be in a pattern as seen from Earth. The sun is just one star.

when the night is cleared in the sky that's when you can see the constellation.

Any month except July, when the Sun is transiting the constellation Leo.

The Sun does not appear in any of the official constellations

The Sun does not belong to any constellation. This is because our Earth goes around the Sun. As a result, the Sun moves in the sky relative to the other stars. So, the Sun appears to move through the constellations of the zodiac, which is why you hear that the Sun is in a particular zodiac constellation in a particular month. For example, in September, the Sun is in the constellation of Virgo. In October, it will go to the constellation of Libra, and so on.

The Aquarius Constellation is situated between Copricornus and Pisces. The constellation is best seen at 9pm during the month of October. Visible between latitudes: 65 Degrees and -90 Degrees. Probably the best time of night to see the Aquarius constellation would be in August. That's when the sun is in its polar sign - Leo.

Yes, you can definitely see the constellation Capheus in Ohio..

A Zodiac Constellation - or zodiacal constellation - is a constellation that is along the ecliptic, which is the narrow path of sky that the sun, moon and planets follow throughout the year.

The stars in any constellation are completely unrelated to each other, and the distances from the sun to each of them are different.

A zodiacal constellation is a constellation that is along the ecliptic - a narrow path that the sun, moon, & planets travel on throughout the year.

It's because the Sun is in that part of the sky at that time.

The best time to see a constellation in the night sky is after the sunset. The best time to see a constellation in the morning is before sunrise.

The Sun doesn't "travel through constellations". A constellation is just a direction in the sky, as seen from us. We see a group of stars that looks like a scorpion, and call it "constellation scorpion", but one of those stars might be hundred times farther away than another.

You can see it in summer - if you're in the southern hemisphere. However, in the northern hemisphere, Orion is near or behind the sun in our summer.

The earth is on the east side of the sun (summer) and when that is so, the constellation Gemini is on the west side of the sun. The sun is blocking the view of the constellation Gemini.

The Milky Way is the plane of our galaxy NOT a constellation. We can see it because we are part of it.

The Big Dipper is NOT a constellation. It's an asterism (part of a constellation). You can see it all year long if you live in the Northern Hemisphere.

The constellation that represents the first winter sign as the sun enters it is Capricorn. The sun enters the sign of Capricorn, heralding the beginning of winter.

you can see perseusin the nourthernsky in winter you can see the constellation and in summer you can see just the head of perseusand that is your answer

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