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If it is close enough then it can be seen

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What type of star can you see from earth?

You can see a blue star from earth

How long would it take to see a star explode on earth?

That depends on how far away the star is. If the exploding star is 1,000 light years away we would see the supernova 1,000 years later. If it is 2,000 light years away we would see it 2,000 years later.

Can a shooting star stop moving?

Yes; when they strike the Earth, or explode into dust in the atmosphere.

Where is the nearest star to earth?

You see it during the day, the Sun is a star and it is the nearest star to Earth.

Why will the earth blow up?

Earth will not explode. Eventually the star Earth orbits, Sol, will run out of small elements to fuse and explode (go Supernova), expanding to the size of Earth's orbit, and in the process consuming Earth. However, this does not qualify as Earth exploding. I wonder what they do teach them at these schools!

Can the earth explode?

The earth will explode when the earth says so... and it will say get ready set GOOOOOOO!!!!!!!yes the earth can explode but not for decades the sun will run out of fuel and blow up the whole earth yes the earth will explode but not for along time not in 2012

Is the earth going to explode?

The Earth will not explode. The Sun in about 5 billion year will become a supergiant and it's outer envelope will almost touch the surface of the Earth. All life and the surface of the Earth will be destroyed. But, the Earth will not explode, it will just melt and evaporate, returing all of it's materials back into space to be reused as another planet or star or even, another lifeform.

Which is the biggest star in the Earth?

There are no stars in the Earth. For the biggest star in the Universe, see the related question.

How big is the closest star to Earth?

The closest star to the Earth is the Sun. See related question.

When can a star explode?

A star can explode whenever it runs out of helium to turn into carbon. Only high mass stars explode, though. It is called a supernova.

Is the earth ever going to explode?

There is nothing within the Earth that might cause it to explode.

When will the cobra star explode?

The Cobra star does not exist.

Does every star explode?

No. Only the most massive stars explode.

Is there a star exposion whose light will reach earth in 2020?

Probably, since there are star explosions all the time. Please note that no information travels FASTER than light, so we have no way of knowing in advance, unless we see a star that is about to explode, and correctly guess this fact.

What is it called when the sun explodes?

A disaster for life on Earth. The Sun will not explode. See related question

Will the earth explode from the sun?

No. Earth will likely be consumed by the sun in a few billion years but it will not explode.

How does a star run out of gas then causing it to explode?

OK maybe when is runs out of gas all the gas around it will explode because the heat of the star too. so that is why the stars explode

If mars were to explode would you be able to see it from earth?

Yes. You would. Mars can be seen from Earth because it's so close to us. But if the whole planet were to blow up or explode, we would be able to see it. Whatever what the explosion would look like if it happens to Mars, then surly we could see it.

Will the sun explode like a star?

Our sun is a star, but it is not big enough to explode in a supernova, it will simply cast out its outer layers and implode.

What types of star can explode in a supernova?

Generally O & maybe B stars will explode as a supernova. It all depends on the mass of the star.

When the earth explode?

If we let this global warming go on.. the earth will explode on year 2023!! This is said by certified scientist...

Describe what happens to a small star a medium star and a giant star when each runs out of fuel?

they explode all of them it doesn't matter where they just go boom you know explode

Will the earth explode?

There is absolutely no chance of the Earth exploding.

Where do supernovas explode?

Where the progenitor star exists.

Why you can see the sun?

You can see the sun because it is very big and it is also the closet star to earth. It takes 8 minutes for the sun to reach earth. You can see the sun because it is very big and it is also the closet star to earth. It takes 8 minutes for the sun to reach earth.

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