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Actually you can see farther in the night time than in the daytime. The farthest you can generally see in the day is the distance to the Sun and, on occasion, other planets during special circumstances. During the night time, you can see all the way to the stars which are much farther away than the Sun and the planets which are observable in the day time. During normal conditions for which we use our eyes, the following answer is quite correct. Daytime. It's just the way our eyes are made; the rods and cones respond to sunlight, and our iris'and pupils focus better when we have enough light to see. At night our pupils shrink to allow more light in so we can see. If our pupils stayed the same size, we'd be virtually blind. People with night blindness actually have a condition where their eyes are unable to focus with the limited amount of light.

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Q: Can you see farther in the daytime or in the nighttime?
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