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Yes you can, if you go up to northern Ontario you can see the rock of the Canadian shield. But the Canadian shield is typically covered by a layer of soil and covers much of Canada. Hope this helps

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Why are there rocks in the Canadian shield?

see link below

Plants of Canadian shield?

what plants and food are planted in the Canadian shield? what plants and food are planted in the Canadian shield?

What province is on the Canadian shield?

The Canadian Shield IS a physio graphic province.

How big is the Canadian Shield landform?

The Canadian Shield is 8,000,000 km2.

What is the population of the Canadian shield?

the Canadian shield population is 7 million

Canadian shield population?

the Canadian shield population is 7 millon

Do people like the Canadian shield?

yes! people do like the Canadian shield.

How many cities are there for Canadian Shield?

there are 12 cities depicted on the Canadian shield

Can you give a sentence using Canadian shield?

The Canadian Shield is rich in minerals.

What are the current events in the Canadian Shield?

what are some sports that are popular in the canadian shield

What does the Canadian Shield wrap around?

The Canadian Shield wraps around the Hutson Bay.

What is the capital of the province in the Canadian shield?

Ottawa is the capital of Canada, it is located in the Canadian shield.

Why is the Canadian shield also known as the precambrian shield?

The Canadian Shield was formed in the Precambrian Era. Quite simple actually!

What country is the Canadian shield in?

Most of the Canadian Shield is in Canada, but the shield extends into Minnesota and a little beyond, as well as into Greenland.

The canadian shield covers more than half of canada s?

Canadian is half covered by the Canadian shield. The shield goes from the Great Lakes to the Arctic Ocean.

Famous Canadian landmarks?

canadian shield

What is a characteristics of the Canadian shield?

1 Characteristic of the Canadian shield if that it has the worlds largest boreal forest.

What minerals can you find in the Canadian Shield?

The Canadian shield has mainly copper, zinc, gold, and iron.

The Canadian shield borders what large body of water?

The Canadian Shield borders Hudson's Bay.

Why don't people live at the Canadian shield?

Most Canadians live on or close to the Canadian shield.

What are the animals that live in the Canadian shield?

the animals that live in the Canadian shield are moose foxes and ect.

Why don't many people live in the Canadian Shield?

because it is really cold in Canadian shield

What is the topography of the Canadian Shield?

topography is the fround in the Canadian shield. it is also part of the landforms that surround the boader

Where did the people in the Canadian shield come from?

The early settlers of the Canadian Shield were the French, English, Scottish, and British.

Why is the Canadian Shield important to the economy?

The Canadian Shield has Canada's most valuable minerals, which are great for trade.

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