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yes, i got to see my baby clearly at six weeks and four days..

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โˆ™ 2010-10-11 18:10:46
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Q: Can you see the fetus at an ultrasound during 6 weeks pregnancy?
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What can an ultrasound determine?

An ultrasound of a fetus at weeks 16-20 of a pregnancy can be used to determine structural abnormalities

How can one tell how far along they are in pregnancy?

One can tell how far along they are in pregnancy by having an ultrasound. An ultrasound measures the fetus and then compare that measurement to what an average fetus is. If it matches to a 3 week fetus it means that one is 3 weeks into pregnancy.

How soon can you tell if you have an ectopic pregnancy?

As soon as the embryo or fetus can be seen on ultrasound. Around 5-10 weeks a embryo, or fetus at 10 weeks, can be detected on an ultrasound and can show if the baby is in utero or if it's eptopic.

What if ultrasound doesn't detect a fetus at 5 to 6 weeks?

what if ultrasound doesn't detect a fetus at 5 to 6 weeks?

What does a pelvic ultrasound reveal about a fetus?

In early pregnancy (about five to seven weeks), ultrasound may determine the size of the fetus to confirm the suspected due date, detect multiple fetuses, or confirm that the fetus is alive (viable).

Can you see the fetus at an ultrasound during 5 weeks pregnancy?

It's not likely. The ultrasound might not even be able to detect a heartbeat yet. If you do see anything at all, it will be more like a little tiny dot!

During pregnancy how do you know if you are having a boy or a girl execpt from ultrasound?

Gender can usually be determined around 20 weeks into pregnancy with an ultrasound.

Can you see fetus at 4 weeks?

Using ultrasound, yes. I had one done at 4 weeks with my first pregnancy. No everyone will see it though. Its very small..

Does the use of Clorox during pregnancy have and effect on a fetus?

what is the effect of clorox inhalation on the fetus , example 36 weeks.

When does a fetus show arms legs on ultrasound?

This happens around the 5th week of pregnancy. But will not be able to see this on a scan until your 16 weeks

Can an ultrasound detect a pregnancy at two weeks?


What are the methods used to determine the sex of the fetus?

At around 20 weeks through the pregnancy, an ultrasound or blood test can be done to see if the baby is a boy or a girl

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