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actually you can, but it all depends on the weather. In 2006, you could see Discovery docking with the International Space Station during the twilight hours in clear weather.

"The appearance of either the Space Shuttle or the International Space Station moving across the sky is not in itself unusual. Truth be told, on any clear evening within a couple of hours of local sunset and with no optical aid, you can usually spot several orbiting Earth satellites creeping across the sky like moving stars. Satellites become visible only when they are in sunlight and the observer is in deep twilight or darkness. This usually means shortly after dusk or before dawn".

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Which space shuttle launched the Hubble Telescope into space?

The space shuttle Discovery launched the Hubble Telescope into space.

How does the Hubble telescope get into space?

The Hubble telescope went into space in the cargo bay of the Space Shuttle.

What is the Hubble space shuttle?

It's the Hubble Space Telescope (not Shuttle). It's a big optical telescope in orbit around the Earth.

How was the Hubble Space Telescope taken into space?

== The Hubble Space Telescope what carried into space by the Space Shuttle Discovery.

What space shuttle mission put a telescope in space?

The Hubble Space Telescope was carried into orbit on the STS-31 mission, by the space shuttle Discovery, in April, 1990.

Why did space shuttle Discovery go to space?

the shuttle went into space because it launched the Hubble space telescope.

Definition of hubble telescope?

The space telescope that was carried into Earth orbit by a space shuttle in 1990.

How does a space telescope get lanched?

you lanch a space shuttle with the telescope in then i releses it that is the most basic way.

What space shuttle was the hubble space telescope deployed deployed to?

This was the Space Shuttle Discovery on April 24, 1990.

How does a space shuttle contribute to space?

a space shuttle blasts off to space containing people and other organisms or devices. we discovered space through a telescope, and explored it with a space shuttle.

Which Space shuttle put the Hubble Space Telescope into orbit for the first time?

Space Shuttle Discovery

Which space shuttle was used to launch Hubble Space Telescope?

beppo sax, space shuttle discovery, space shuttle endeavor, boeing delta II rocket

What was the name of the shuttle that launched the hubble space telescope in 1990?

The Hubble Space Telescope was launched into orbit by NASA's space shuttle Discovery (mission STS-31) on April 24, 1990.

What is the furthest distance a space shuttle ever traveled from the Earth?

385 Miles high. It was shuttle mission STS - 82 in 1997. That was a repair mission to the Hubble Space Telescope, after the repair the space shuttle Atlantis boosted the telescope to this orbit.

Can you see the shuttle in space?

You can not see the space shuttle on Earth, but you can see it in a rocket!

How did the hubble telescope get in outer space?

It was placed in orbit by the space shuttle, in 1990.

What space shuttle flew in April 1990?

Space shuttle Discovery flew a mission in April 1990 to launch the Hubble Space Telescope.

Which shuttle flight put the Hubble Space Telescope into orbit for the first time?

Space Shuttle Discovery. STS-31.

How do they repair the hubble telescope?

If they need to repair a telescope in space, they send up a manned space shuttle to manually repair it.

What shuttle launched the Hubble space Telescope in 1990?


Which space shuttle flight put the hubble space telescope into orbit also what was their flight number?

Space Shuttle Discovery, mission STS-31.

In 1990 NASA used Space Shuttle discovery to launch?

the Hubble Space Telescope

Is the Hubble telescope bigger than the moon?

The Hubble Space Telescope is not as big as the moon. It is as big as the space shuttle cargo bay.

What is hubble telescope?

The Hubble Space Telescope (HST; also known colloquially as "the Hubble" or just "Hubble") is a space telescope that was carried into Earth orbit by the Space Shuttle in April 1990.

What order were the following things used to study space?

telescope,satellite, space probe,space shuttle